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Blog it Forward

I'm participating in the Blog It Forward Community Challenge because of Jamie Oswald If you haven't been tagged yet but would like to participate, you can add yourself to the listhere.

An Introduction to me, or "The Thunder from Down Under" as Jamie has inferred:

I’m a “straight shooting”, expat Ozzy, living in New Zealand, fighting daily to maintain my integrity and patriotism to Big Brother (as Kiwi’s see Australia). Just jokes, NZ is my second favourite, and the people are alright, I suppose.

Note: Australians and New Zealanders are the staunchest of allies in everything.  This is embodied by regularly "Taking the P!ss" of each other, in a friendly banter (Google Tui Billboard).

I am passionate about the real value of BI and looking beyond the crappy static reports and flashy uselessness of (some) dashboards.   I get a lot of value from the BI ecosystem, particularly recently, and am very driven to see that value built in the more sheltered New Zealand ecosystem.

Like many others, I do what I do entirely for the benefit of my kids and partner and to enable the best life for us (together) as I can.   I love Webi, Universes, the real Business Objects, Romantic Horror, and long walks on short piers.

A fun Fact about me:

The night I met the mother of my children, I went AWOL from the Royal Australian Navy, was subsequently arrested, locked up, flown back to Australia and spent 4 days locked up in Canberra and then in Brisbane.   Although it wasn’t a terribly fun time at the time, it gets a few giggles now.

If money and time off were no issue, which SAP event would you go to worldwide?

I initially thought Teched in Vegas would be a wicked (Kiwi Pronunciation Woo-Ked) experience and a great opportunity to get “the good oil” from all the excellent content.   I still think this would be good, but now that I am an SAP Mentor in APJ, I would have to say I would love to go to the SAP Insider event in Singapore and support a local event.  

And as luck would have it, I am now going, are you?

If you could only follow 3 people on Twitter, which 3 would it be, and why? You can't pick @oswaldxxl (too easy).

@DSLayered – I get entertained and educated by some of the coolest and smartest people I’ve encountered.

@SAPCommNet – Similar deal, its all about consolidation and getting the good wood from the Forest.

@MicoYuk – mico.yuk is a card, great source of good info, especially her recent #AllAccessSAP content (when she’s allowed to publish it ).

If you could be a super hero (or are in your spare time) who would you be?

I already am.   Those who know me, know I am, and which one, but to humour the rest of you > I am the Hulk!   If you don’t believe me, try telling me that I have to use Webi over Bex!  (and then run!)

What is your personal/professional life dream?

My life dream is pretty simple, to achieve the respect and understanding of my children, partner, family, friends and peers.   Anything more than that is cream.

What do you imagine or predict is the future of your topic?

Let’s call my topic “Decision Support”, no, how about “Business Intelligence”, no, how about “Analytics”?   I see a few things, not sure you’ll all agree, but here we go….

  1. SAP ERP and other ERP systems will run on Hana, or a Hana like appliances
  2. Business Objects will use Universes to connect directly to the underlying data layer of these appliances, multi or single source and be Freakishly Fast.
  3. ETL, EDW and especially BW will cease to exist as we know them, they will be made redundant by the proceeding points and modelling directly on source, using Business Objects as intended.
  4. People will “get it” that BI is more than reporting and for that reason, Webi will live forever, Bex will die and ingo.hilgefortwill agree with me .
  5. The BI industry will agree on a name for what we do and keep it,,,,,,OK, that was going too far!

1.   Blog It Forward

I wish to Blog It Forward to my good mate gabriel.orthous and in keeping with my driving the NZ SAP BI ecosystem, I’m going to blog it forward to two other international imports in NZ BI glenn.roberts and richard.pomeroy.

The questions:

  1. What was the most rewarding experience you have had (so far) and what made it so?
  2. If you had a pet that could grant three wishes, what animal would it be, what would you name it, and why?

Thanks, 1st Blog done!