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Hello all, Welcome to my Blog ...

Hope I will be able to make you busy for 5 minutes and won't make you feel bored :smile:

First of all, a Big thanks to ankita.chhabra invited me here to create my own blog on Blog It Forward - Ankita Chhabra (Its a awesome blog, here you will find some good introduction of Rajasthan,India) and gave me a chance to Share about myself , my working style and my view towards work and People. This is quite smart way to explore and know about people's personal or can say technical aims and view.

***For those who want to be a part of Blog it Forward Challenge,enjoy it here.

So Here is something about me start by my ....

Personal Introduction :

Childhood picture :smile:                     Recent Picture :smile:

As you all already know my name :razz: , My name is Chandra Shekhar Agarwal , looks so long to read and call, so people modify my name according to their convenience  like Chand , Shekhar , Mr. Agarwal, and most interesting Mr. Developer :razz: .

I belongs to India--> Rajasthan --> Alwar :smile: . Talking about my qualification, I am a Bachelor of Technology (B.tech) degree holder and Working with SLIB(SAP Labs India, Bangalore) as an ABAPer I like to a part of SLI and enjoying working with SAP.

I joined SCN , like 1 year ago (Apr 20, 2012) that time i just made a account but from last 2 month i started using it a lot. Now a days its like i can't live without it. :smile:  

Oh yes, I like bike Racing too much and best time pass for me Listening to songs and a usual hobby everyone has in India Playing CRICKET. :razz:

one more thing i am interested in Photo editing also. As you can see some editing is there in my recent picture :smile:

One Demo of my editing :smile:

Places I visited in India and Liked too much :smile: ..


Outstanding Facts of My Mother Land INDIA :

  1. India is the largest democracy in the world.
  2. Chess was invented in India.
  3. The four religions born in India - Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, are followed by 25% of the world's population.
  4. The world’s largest road network is in India—over 1.9 million miles of roads cover the country.
  5. India now has the largest population of English speakers in the world.
  6. India has the largest movie industry in the world.
  7. A commonly known, but not to be neglected India fact is that the number and concept of zero was invented and documented first by Indians.
  8. The game of Snakes and Ladders also originated in India, with the lesson being of virtue vs. vices.



..... INDIA..... not ending list :smile:

Some Facts about my Native  :

I was born and brought up in Alwar,Rajasthan,India. The city of Alwar is known as The Tiger Gate of Rajasthan. Enclosed by the Aravallis, Alwar gives the appearance of being carved marvelously from rocks. Flourishing deciduous forests and lakes covers the hills. These forests and basins serve as a home to numerous species of birds as well as animals. Situated amongst such beauty, the city proves to be a delight to the eyes.

In alwar..

Sariska Tiger Reserve is an Indian national park located in the Alwar district of the state of Rajasthan.

Haunted Bhangarh Fort : The Ghost Town of Rajasthan..

(Entry Restricted Before Sun rise and after Sunset)

As per a legend there was a black magic sorcerer who cursed the residents of the palace that they all would die an unnatural death and their spirits will stay there for centuries to haunt the castle for time immemorial.  This fort would really freak any living mortal. One can seldom find  a temporary household in the close periphery of this fort. Let us reveal you one more fact about this place. The village households found here are without roofs as there persists a popular belief and experience that the moment a rooftop is built on a house it collapses. This is said to be the most freaky place in India. Believe me it is also said that anybody who has been to this place after dusk never comes back ! 

Milk Cake..(dessert)

Alwar is famous for its Kalakand (Milk-Cake), a world famous dessert. This is a special desert made of Milk. Its demand from all over the world has given Alwar a special name on the map of world.

Traditional Food..

Dal-Bati-Churma is a complete dish and very popular in Rajasthan, India. Traditional way to serve it is to first coarsely mash the Baati then pour pure Ghee on top of it. It is served with the daal (lentils) and spicy garlic chutney. It is commonly served at all festivities, including religious occasions, wedding ceremonies, and birthday parties in Rajasthan. "Dal-Baati-Churma", is a combination of three different food items - Daal (lentils), Baati and Churma (Sweet). It is a typical Rajasthani dish.

Pyaaz(Onion ) Kachori

SAP Labs, MY Working Place .

As every one knows about SAP labs. Here i am sharing some images of my SLI..

This is time for me to answer the questions of Ankita..

1.If you could be a super hero (or are in your spare time) who would you be?

Ummm..Super Hero.. :smile: Nice Question Ankita, But there is no Super hero at all for me because i never saw anyone in real life who worked Like a Super Hero but if want to know about movies/Tv's super Hero then there was a TV serial You must remember SHAKTIMAN, I liked that very much. He always ready to help people he always follows the truth , Truthfulness was his motto. I would like to be a SAKTIMAN :smile: :grin:

What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

I enjoyed everything in my work, the people I worked with the environment I am working, my cubical everything. It was a friendly and fun atmosphere and I actually enjoyed going into work each morning. I also enjoyed that fact that the office tried to do community outreach with local organizations. And as I already told I am a developer so I tried to look into new ways to develop a task and that is a challenging and enjoyment for me. When we do the work with responsibility, accountability, honesty, sincerity, it is really an enjoyment. What one becomes out of such experiences is more important than what reward one gets.

Here is something you all will love it. :smile:


Cricket Cup we won in SAP :smile:

What is your professional life dream?

My Professional life dream, I want to present myself as a team.

ravisankar.venna , I learned a lot of things from your blogs, i want to say thanks to you in my first Blog to sharing all blogs and master piece of knowledge in that. :smile:

Blog Forward:

I would like to blog forward to

sampathabap rishi.das2

prerna.rathore3  meghna.jain

priyanka.jain10 bhawna.sajwani

diwa.p  anshu.lilhori  nabheet.madan3

ramakrishnappa  kr.ch

dev.patra http://scn.sap.com/people/trinath80%40gmail.com(Srinu)

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prachi.goel2  ravikirankongati

bhagyesh.ravange madhukumar.lakshmana

sastryduvvuri  ravi.e4

ashanand, aarunkarthick








I wish If you could answer to the following:

1.The dream job when I was kid :

2. If given a chance to show your creativity, in which specific field would you make an attempt?

3.What is your worst coding program ? The program you would like never to modify ... ?

4.What is the craziest thing you would have done in your life?

5. What 2 things do you like the least about working in IT?

6.What 2 things do you like the most about working in IT?

For any doubts regarding BIF, kindly visit Blog It Forward Community Challenge

Thanks a lot for reading my blog.I would appreciate your valuable comments and feed-backs.

Keep Smiling  :smile: , You have every right :smile: ...

Expert in anything was once a beginner....