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Just before my first business trip to the United States my great friend and colleague ivan.femia BIFed me, so here I am writing my BIF.

If you don't know now about "Blog It Forward" I suggest you to read the “Blog It Forward Community Challenge” by moshe.naveh and have a look to the existing chain.

About myself

It's very difficult for me describe myself in a few words.

I started working with SAP in 1994 and currently, I’m employed as a SAP NetWeaver Solution Architect in Techedge, an Italian service company located in Milan.

I love ABAP and working with smart people like my colleagues that have nicknamed me as ABAPNinja.

I consider myself a lucky man; I love my family, my job and the Hard&Heavy music. Kiss are my favorite band

Birth Place

I was born 45 years ago in Porto San Giorgio, a little town of the Marche region that is located on the Adriatic Sea and famous for the Giant Frying Pan of the Adriatic,

The Giant Frying Pan of the Adriatic has a diameter of 4 meters with the capacity of a 1000 L of oil. It is used during regional festivals such as the Festival of the Sea that typically takes place the last week of July. During the festival seafood is prepared for the public within few hours a hundred kilos of fried calamari are ready thanks to the giant frying pan.

However the food in Porto San Giorgio is not just fish... do you know the famous "Olive all'ascolana"?

My relatives were fishermen and restaurateurs, and so it is natural that I like good food, but also hate cooking and this is the reason why I know a lot of restaurants.

So If you come to Italy, probably I could also recommend to you a good restaurant.

Home Town(s)

I grew up in San Donato Milanese (Milan), a village in the hinterland of Milan, where the headquarters of ENI, where my father worked.

I live in the part closest to Linate airport where the planes touching the houses before landing. For this reason one of my favorite games was to guess the airline and the type of aircraft based on the sound.

San Donato Milanese gave many athletics champions such as Gennaro Di Napoli e Andrea Nuti, a popular radio and TV presenter such as Nicola Savino, musicians and a lot of rockers including myself 

I graduated in computer science in high school, I started working, then, when I was 35, I moved to the other side of Milan, Arese, where I started a family.

BIF questions by Ivan Femia

If you could be a super hero (or are in your spare time) who would you be?

I already have superpowers; don't forget that I'm ABAPninja

What do you most enjoy on SCN?

I like blogs, Wiki and Code Exchange.

I like very much Blogs and Wiki because they are very useful for self-study.

I love Code Exchange for collaboration; it is beautiful to share an idea and collaborate with other community members in order to realize it

If you were 20 again, what would you study?

I would study NetWeaver much better, trying to get closer to the BIG 4: se38 thomas.jung alvaro.tejadagalindo gregor.wolf

Blog it forward

The questions I want to ask my friends fabio.dimicco, ralvides.mosquerapumaricra and sergio.cipolla are the followings:

  • What is your NickName?
  • What is the most useless gift you received for Christmas or Birthday?
  • What is your favorite song?