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So...I was checking my Twitter stream and found out that my good friend @Ronald Konijnenburg tagged me for "Blog It Forward"...so here I am :smile:

Who I am?

I'm a Peruvian guy living in Montreal, Canada and working for SAP Labs. Before that I used to be an ABAP Consultant for 11 years. I have been involved in programming for the last 13 years. I'm married to Milly and have a daughter called Kiara.

What I like to do?

Besides being with my family, I enjoy programming...love programming...addicted to programming...also reading (comics, novels)...also playing videogames and listen to Punk Music.

Which places have I lived in?

I have lived in Lima, Peru / D.F, Mexico / La Paz, Bolivia / Montreal, Canada.

What you wanted to do but realized it was impossible?

When I was younger and starting learning programming...I proposed myself to learn all the programming languages in the world...of course...I could only learn around 20...and for sure...one thing is to learn them...another thing is to master them :sad:

Do you something else beyond blogging on SCN?

Sure :smile: and don't want to self promote myself but...I write Blagbert Comics and have two blogs Blag's bag of rants and El Blog Tecnologico de Blag.

What was my dream job as child?

Well...at first I wanted to be a Game Developer (Thanks Mortal Kombat), then when I join my first SAP Consultant company, I wanted to work for SAP...11 years later I fulfilled my dream :wink: I work with the most awesome team DevEx and I do what I always wanted to do...Research and Development and Technology Evangelism.

What do I do at my daily job?

I try to digest the latest SAP and external technologies technologies to write blogs and documents that would help others to achieve nice things. I also help on the Developer Center and try to make new developer friends :smile:

Who I was to pass this forward?

To my awesome friends! From the 3 amigos...



No questions for them...everything they write is pure awesomeness :wink: