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I am now part of the Blog It Forward Community Challenge thanks to srivatsava.janaswamy2 and jitendrakumar.kansal that noticed me in its blog and via email Blog It Forward - Srivatsava Janaswamy and Blog It Forward - Jitendra Kansal

My name is Alessandro Iannacci (woo!!! that's not a mystery). I am an Italian and I keep on travelling from Pescara to Milan back and forth due to official reasons. Originally I am from a beautiful city called Pescara which is in the region of Abruzzi.


I have completed my Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano with the maximum grade (A+) provided by the university and won lot of prizes during the academic career. However it is worth saying that I had a small trick: I started programming when I was 5 years old. May be it was my passion toward the technology or my love for study, hard to decided but yes I believe that I had a bonding with technology since my childhood.

After the graduation I started working with an SAP Partner, due to the reason as I was pretty annoyed about the technology chaos, and I wanted to follow some big mentors in the technology industry e.g. SAP, to have a better understanding to clear my mind about how to give a head start to my passion and explore the best of my skills.

Anyways I am always happy to get knowledge about new technologies, of course love to study, and being involved in technology world through communities like SCN etc. But I prefer to invest my time on those things which I think useful and have potentiality to be successful.

A little more about my achievements:

SO far I have achieved more than 7 SAP/OpenSAP/OpenHPI technical certifications, about Netweaver, Mobile, HANA, etc.

But hold on guys, technology is not my only love. I like motorcycles, photography is one great passion and of course sports.

This year I was nominated SCN topic leader for the SAP Cloud Applications Studio space, and SAP Mentor. I am so thankful for these nominations, that gave me the opportunity to see the SAP Teched event for the first time in my life: it was so amazing. I think that one developer should see this event at least once in his life.

Now it's time to reply to the questions :smile:

  • What makes you think SCN is different? And in what way?

I think that SCN is a great developers community, with lot of interaction ways. Without SCN many SAP consultants do not exist. Sometimes the documentation for SAP products is not enough, so SCN is not only great, it is needed.

  • What's your favorite place? Would you like to have it as your work place or just for vacation? :razz:

My favorite place is my original city! Some might think that it is obvious, maybe :smile: : I like all the things in my city and I would not change ever. I am always thinking how to improve the business in this area of Italy. One day, I am sure, I will be able to do it.

  • How do you see yourself being in SAP Technology?

As you can see from my description, I like technology, but unfortunately in the real world it is only a tool, the arm of the business. So I would like to be able to understand in time where the business is going, and what is the best technology (SAP or not) to follow for the specific case. I would like to have a great idea to realize, but at the moment I am still thinking :razz:

That's all for now! Would like to blog it forward to


with the following question:

  • Do you have some great idea that can improve SCN?