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I was blogged forward by  Blog It Forward - Jitendra Kansal , :wink: because of that i would like thank him very much as he give me the chance to join a Very useful Social activity with SAP Community Members :smile: ,

Thanks  jitendrakumar.kansal :cool: , and  Really i Appreciate your interest , and Special thanks to moshe.naveh :wink: for starting such a wonderful initiative. This helps us to know more personal details of people whom we interact with during  that journey, and Actually  i Like the Term Journey , Because this is my feeling since i started to read something about others and  write something about my self and my dreams and i was very Excited to start this journey :smile: .

About me

My Name Ahmed Ibrahim , Born in 10th OCT 1983 in a Small Town belongs to a very Beautiful City called AL-Mansoura  :cool: one of the biggest Cities in Egypt and i was moved to another city called Port Said during My university in Faculty of Engineer , I stayed  there for 5 years studying Computer and control Systems which is My Specialization in faculty of Engineering , again i moved to Cairo to start my career as Oracle Developer in Vodafone telecommunication Company in 2009 , then i moved to my current company in 2010 to start my SAP career as SAP Netweaver Administrator , SAP HANA Administrator

I am interested with reading, playing football and chess anyway not much now

A Fun Fact About My Country

Regardless of the political problems existing in my country Egypt :lol: , still is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the closest to my heart, where you can see the scenic and various miscellaneous. Wherever you go :smile:

Where you can take a tour to enjoy the beauty of nature on the shores of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab or go to areas which tells the history and civilization of 4000 BC, such as Giza and Luxor and Aswan :cool:

In addition to a very friendly  people and smiley always liked to help others without any gains, actually you feel warm ,safety , family  between this people :cool:


Famous dishes in Egypt

Funny Fact About My People :lol:

Since 2 years back my People did A great Revolution with very good Aims and we Success to toppling the unjust regime, whole world was impressed with this peaceful Revolution and we tried to impressed  the world Again , because of that we did another Revolution and we  restore the Old  regime :razz: :lol: :lol:

What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

I Believe that if the Technical Engineer working Hard and always busy it means he did not planning properly for his task , But if he is feel relax and drinking Tea checking new technologies on the Internet, update and gain more knowledge it mean he is good planner and this is what I like in my job, "drinking Tea" :razz:

What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?

Actually the current project with my current company is the most fun project because this is my first Project in SAP and i Prepared for that project since 4 years but the implementation phase started actually since 2 years only , the most fun things in that Project that I learned many things rather than netweaver Administration , beacuse of the long time consumed by project implementation it give me and the team also chance to do more social activity together also to share the gained knowledge and different cultures

What was your dream job as a kid?

I was seeing that , the Engineer is doing all Maintenance , fix and Invention everywhere, I liked to be Engineer , But  Engineer of what  ??? I have no Idea , i just like to fix the things and machines and toys, to be more honest i liked destroy the things more than  fixing :razz:

the result

Blogging it forward:

I would like to blog it forward to















Questions for you:

  1. Best thing you like about/in SAP?
  2. What is the most wonderful memory in your life till now?
  3. Which is the most satisfactory moment of your life?

The people I "Blog It Forward" to can make-up their own questions or choose another from the bank of questions found in Moshe Naveh. Any registered SCN member can join the "Blog It Forward" challenge. To do so, please visit the "Blog It Forward" kick-off blog.

Thank you all for reading my blog. I really appreciate your interest and patience :smile: .

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. :smile:

Best Regards