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This blog is part of Blog It Forward Community Challenge initiated by moshe.naveh

This is my first blog in SCN and what an interesting topic to start with  !!!

I was tagged by macgyvercz and dev.patra in their Blog It Forward- Kamil Veselý  and Blog it Forward - Dëv Päträ post but choose to answermacgyverczas i saw anyone was yet to answer Kamil's question.

About me

     I am abhishek37373, working as a ABAP Developer with IBM India .I was born and brought up in Assam , a state of India in the north-eastern region. I'm currently staying in Gurgaon with colleagues (sharing an apartment). I completed my graduation in Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from Manipal Institute of Technology. I was campus placed in IBM and has been working in IBM since then (around 2 years ). :smile: :neutral:

          Yes that's me on my dad''s Scooter! :smile:             

                 Now that's me on my own bike! :cool:

     My entry into ABAP development was not preplanned, but (in fact) unexpected.I was just randomly chosen to be trained in SAP.ABAP.My First day wasn't very interesting as i was too nervous joining an IT company (I wasn't from an IT background in my Engineering,which made me more nervous) also i remember the first day the trainers started with SQL statements which all went upon my head but gradually i was able to cope and complete my training with flying colors.

My Training batch in IBM..found some awesome people there  (I am the one in extreme right hand in Pink shirt)

      My journey with SCN started in early 2012,  mostly with ABAP development forums & coffee corner (Absolutely in love with the coffee corner :wink: ).I would always be so grateful of every one in the community who helped in so crucial times.

Questions i have to answer

Which sport do you like the most? Are you participating or just watching?

Answer:As all Indians i am also mostly into Cricket but is also excited about footballs..(Germans won Fifa 2014..Yay!!)

Blogging It Forward

I would like to Blog It Forward to veena.mishra and raju.s as they were my early followers and also cem.ates2 would be happy to see their answers for

1)  Narrate your early days in ABAP

2)  What do you most enjoy on SCN?

Thanks for reading my blog,Hope you didn't got bored.. :smile:

For any doubts regarding BIF, kindly visit Blog It Forward Community Challenge

~Not all those who wander are lost