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First of all thanks to nilpeksen for challenging me to write this blog-post. Why, you may find out in the fun fact/story paragraph 🙂

About me

Shortly I can say, that I'm very happy man. I was born as last of four children in the family, that gives a lot of love to them. My hometown is Mielec, Poland, the city in which, we were proudly producing airplanes and very good football players in the past. A city with past, but without a brilliant future at that times.

I'm the witness of change of systems in Poland, I'm person, who saw the beginning of Internet. I remember the world without cell phone or even without landline phone at my home. I remember black and white TV, two national channels as all you could get on TV.

I remember lending of video players and cassettes. I remember the democratic elections for president in Poland in 1990. I remember lending od Atari and Commodore computers from my cousins and neighbours. I remember first cable TV. I remember buying my first music cassette, which was "Barcelona" of duet Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé. I remember time in my sports school, when I was a ball boy during the international football matches. I was playing on the youth football tournaments in Morlaix, France.



I was studding in Cracow and Katowice. I took me 10 years, to finish two of four Universities that I've taken. This gave me a title of Bachelor of Management and Marketing and Master of Economical IT.

I've moved to Tychy, where I live since after and where I've started my journey with SAP. I've got addicted from my wife and kids. From time to time, I have idea to publish some code or blog post, where I feel it will help the other SAP Community members. I prefer doing, than watching. I do often regret my honesty. I brew my own beer and together with my wife, we're fans of homemade goods. I am mine.

Share a fun fact/story about yourself that people don’t know?

I have some kind of Glossophobia, which is the fear of public speaking. I know this is quite common fear (~25% of people have it), but I do speak publicly. I was an #sitWRO speaker several times. I do perform speeches and presentation in front of big group of my work colleagues. I do present in front of my teams as manager. I was performing in the SAP Jam Ban in front of thousands of people. And I do feel the same fear before doing every next public speaking. When I was writing this last sentences I was also feeling the same fear, as I do have it whenever I write something on my blog or here on SDN/SCN/SC*. The same fear I feel when I'm on company meetings and presenter is on the FAQ stage and I have some questions to ask.

But I also do work o force myself to public speeches. You may ask why?

Well, for me it's kind of drug. I feel so much adrenaline while being on stage or publishing something, that makes my excitement raises really hardly. At the end of the speech I'm always proud of myself, not because the peers were satisfied from it, but because I've managed to do  it.

It's also funny that in the personal relations I'm very easy going and open and I have no issues when talking to the strangers.

What is your personal life dream?

Why, oh why have you gave this question to me Nil?

This is one of the hardest question to answer to me, as it seems that currently there is nothing that I'm aiming for. But it is not because, I have enough of life or any sort story like that, but simply, my real life dreams came true already.

You can count in that the fact that:

  • I'm happily married since almost 15 years already

  • I have 3 intelligent, stubborn, crazy sons

  • Since last year finally I own a house

  • In the past I also wanted to became a programmer and although I know my skills are not at the level they could be if I had any mentor, that could guide me in the learning process in the past, I'm proud of what I have learnt and who I am now.

But there are also some "old" dreams, for which I've realized with time, that there will be never a chance that they will come true and I've "thrown" them away.

  • In primary school I wanted to became a professional football player and although I have qualified to sports school to the football class and I've played in few youth tournaments, there were better players than me, so now I'm playing only for fun, as frequently as possible

  • At high school I wanted to became a rock star, so I've started to learn to play guitar, I've started with electric guitar, but I wasn't patient so I've let it go for a while. I've came back with bass and shortly after with classical guitar. Although I liked to play the bass, I started to practice mostly on classical guitar. I've learnt most of the Metallica’s songs (without fast solos 😞 ), but it was not fun to play them on classical guitar, so I've switched to electric one again. It would have been fun, but I had no real amp (I was amplifying guitar with old radio) and also I haven't got any single guitar effect, so then I've switched to acoustic one, as at least the sound was better 🙂 I've never played in a band, beside SAP Jam Band on SAP TechEd in Barcelona and some few minor events at school. Anyway guitars and music are with me all the time, at home and at work. Although I haven't become an "artist" I'm very happy to have guitar in my hands.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

I could write here that becoming a SAP Developer Hero or SAP Champion was my proudest accomplishment, but that would be only a partially truth. Of course I'm proud of it, especially that both recognitions happened to me when I was less active in the community, but since some years I've stopped to think about such achievements as a goals.

So to finalize the answer to this question my  proudest accomplishments are fulfilling the dreams about the family and home, and that I have found some real friends in the SAP Community, although there is sometimes a distance of thousands of KMs between Us.


What do you most enjoy about the SAP Community?

Networking, networking, networking 🙂

I know, Community is all about sharing of knowledge and experience, but from my perspective the most enjoyable is networking. For me it is important so much, that on the last TechEd, I've decided to do more networking than attending to lectures or workshops.

I also love the fact, that people that are actually working for SAP, are part of the Community not because they have to, but because the want to!


The next nominations are

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  • vitaliy.rudnytskiy

Please choose at least three of questions from susan.keohan list 🙂


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