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Blogs, blogging, blogger.  Well - who on Earth is this stupid person writing something I already know.  This is a great blog - I'll hit like.  The code that you would copy is awesome, great, mediocre, or doesn't work.  Links are broken.  This blog is a duplicate of one I already read.   People might think my comment is stupid.

Mmmmm...  It looks like there isn't a reason to comment.  Right?  WRONG!

So let's take these tall tales one by one:

Stupid person writing the blog

You already know something they wrote.  So what?  Maybe 100 other people didn't know it.  Also they were very brave to write that blog.

So are you brave enough to write a blog?  If you are and you are blogging - Great news!  If you are blogging, then think about how you would feel.  Don't you want comments?

I'll just hit like

I'm guilty.  Some days I just don't have the time to leave a comment.  Some days, I've read something - but I just really don't know much about what I read.  So yes, hitting like does work.  Leaving a comment works even better.

The blogger actually was brave enough to put code in the blog

Is it awesome?  Say so.  Could it be changed a bit to make it better?  Say so, and then help by posting a different way to do it.  I believe that there are 1000 different ways to do one thing in SAP.  Also remember that the person posting may be on a different SAP version than you.  Some of the syntax is not available in their version.

Is the code flat out wrong?  Is it something you would never let any other developer in your team do?  That one is harder.  Find something good in the blog and then suggest the other code.  Perhaps point out the things that wouldn't be correct AND WHY.  Think of them as someone in your company and how you would approach their code review.

Guess what?  If you do that to one of my blogs, I'll thank you.  Then I probably will revise the code in the blog.

Also remember it is hard to get a bad code review.  Think about getting a bad code review for all to see.  You can be nice while still being helpful.

Links are broken

That one is easy - please do comment and let the blogger know to fix them.

This blog is a duplicate

Actually I think I've written something similar to this blog and couldn't find it.

So when you find something that seems to be a duplicate, is it still a decent blog?  Did the other blog contain more information that needs to be shared?  Explain the new information and leave a comment.   The name of the other blog would help a lot as some of the links get broke over time.

People might think my comment is stupid

No comment is stupid.  Period.

Think about leaving that comment

We appreciate it. 

Here's what the entire community will gain:

  • Better content

  • An open discussion

  • Learning from the blog and the comments

  • Thinking about a different way of doing things

  • The "comment" person gets some exposure

  • More content.  That comment might drive a person to create more blogs!

Whew - you've made it to the end.  So feel free to comment.  I'd love to hear from you.  And if you don't want to comment and you've made it to the end, that means there must be something you liked about the blog.  Hit like.

Thank you all!  The bloggers and the commenters.