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In December 2012 I made my first visit to India. As you can read in my blogs, My First Innojam Experience and SAP TechEd Bangalore 2012,  I had an awesome time, got see a lot of beautiful places and tasted incredible food:). But the thing that was most valuable for me was to interact with the Indian SCN community members. While I was manning the SCN TecheEd booth with marilyn.pratt and leon.limsonI got to meet a lot of enthusiastic community members. One of them was Venu Puthussery from Capgemini India. He showed interest in the new SCN platform and in engaging more of his team members to SCN. We agreed that after TechEd I would contact him and that we would record a training together that would be distributed to 1200+ Capgemini consultants.

It was both exciting and a bit scary to prepare an SCN introduction webinar for such a large group of people. But Venu and Pavithra Balasubramanian's feedback before the session helped me a lot in creating the agenda and a list of features I wanted to show to meet their needs. I was a bit nervous before the recording started on Wednesday but as soon as I started talking about SCN I felt at home and I had a great time. I of course didn't forget to talk about Blog It Forward :smile: .

The timing we chose to conduct this online SCN training is very interesting. SCN is in a pre-gamification period and the SCN pre-moderation feature was turned on due to spam attack. That meant that the content of contributors didn't gain more than 30 points and was moderated before it was published. In a way, it was almost the same as in our old SCN, where new members were moderated prior to being published bloggers.

Before I share some valuable links, I want to shout out a big welcome to new and existing SCN Capgemini employees browsing and collaborating on SCN. Please comment on this blog to introduce yourself to the community.

Here are some important links:

SCN Support – Please feel free to reach out to me and ask any question

Getting Started – Read more information on how to contribute and being active on SCN

Blog It Forward Challenge - Join this cool initiative today!

Thanks again for attending the SCN training and hoping to see all of you all over SCN.