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Merging accounts, keeping ones work.

Last year, what never had seemed possible, was made possible: Merging SAP Community accounts. https://blogs.sap.com/2023/03/15/happy-anniversary-sap-community-lets-merge-those-accounts/ Earlier, th...


Formers and Privates and Inactives, Oh My!

A Universal Code Page for our SAP Community? The next round of upcoming SAP Community platform changes are exciting in one sense and dreadful in another, meaning not full of dread but maybe a pinch, a...


The Cricket World Cup'2023 Fever!

This is a cricket post for fans which inspires greatness while being a professional   Why Why Why... SAP has a large footprint in India. I have myself worked in one of the most beautiful campus of SAP...



Everything has a lifetime and now it is time to say goodbye to the SCN WIKI!!! The SCN WIKI has served SAP Community and recently SAP Product Support as a great collaborative repository for nearly 15...


How do I do XYZ?

We are used to thinking that our job is something that we know and we know well.  However, that new project requires XYZ.   You are not all knowing - so you have no idea on how to do XYZ. Quick!   Ch...


SAP Inside Track Fortaleza 2023

Stay up to date with the biggest SAP event in the Brazilian Northeast. October 28th at the Hotel Luzeiros in Fortaleza. Also, follow our online lectures that take place from 20 to 27 October. Online...


1st SAP Sustainability Summit -2023 @SAP Labs Bangalore

I was excited to see a sustainability summit invite on the mail box and when i saw the location was Bangalore i immediately enrolled. There was even call made to many to check on the participations. ...


A New Home in the New Year for the SAP Community

In 2016, the SAP Community moved from its old SCN home to its current platform. And in 2024, we'll have moved once again -- but to a new home that, actually, isn't entirely new at all.  In late 2021,...

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