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With the SCN Team hard at work on the Better. Faster. Stronger.   The SAP Community Network ... Coming Soon on a New, Modern Platform!, I wanted to share the inside scoop with you, as members of the SAP Community, about some of the “cool tool” features and key benefits that you will soon experience.  


In the coming weeks, we will be introducing an ensemble of new features and functions via our new “Tip in a Minute” blog series to give you some practical ways to get the most out from this upgraded, updated, and modernized platform.   


In the meantime, here is a “teaser” video which offers a glimpse into what you can expect:  



(Please Note: Features and site design for SCN’s implementation are currently under development; i.e, it won't look exactly like this...)


We didn’t just pick off a few “off-the-cuff” enhancements.  Members spoke and we listened.  In fact, the new, modern platform features are based on member-requested enhancements.   


Just some of the new things you will be able to do include:

  • Follow topics you care about
  • Publish blog posts with ease (wow! finally!)
  • Follow experts on your topic
  • Indicate high quality content (Like, Rate, Bookmark)
  • View enhanced member profiles
  • A new, multi-faceted search
  • See trending content and people
  • And many more…


I’m sure you will be as excited as I am with what is to come later this year.


We are confident that this new modern platform will make engaging in the SAP Community an improved experience for our members, partners, customers, and individuals; it will redefine and expand what you can do in the SAP Community, while keeping you connected.


Let us know what you think!