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Today we will go behind the scenes with ingvild.bayer, a Senior Content Strategist and Coach on SCN. While gali.klingschneider began the BtS series, I have asked her to share this opportunity to get to know and write about our team members.

Ingvild is truly a “behind the scenes” person, and after you read this blog you will understand why. Behind his fabulous work in the community, hides a person with extraordinary passion and hobbies…

Any personal details you'd be willing to share...

I live in Germany, near Heidelberg, together with my girlfriend Ursula. My hobbies are sports such as powerlifting, dragon boat paddling, jogging, freestyle dancing, numismatics*, reading history books, and traveling. I’ve traveled to Europe, India, Thailand, Australia, US, Africa, Egypt and China; this year I did a wonderful houseboat trip in France.

*Adi: after googling, I’ve found out that numismatics is the study or collection of currency.

Oh wow, you have been to lots of places! What is a houseboat trip?

You can see it in this picture:

This was the type of boat type we've chartered. This year we traveled in France, near the Loire region. It is a really relaxing experience. For a houseboat trip you don’t need any boat driving license, it is free but you have nevertheless to learn how to navigate correctly, passing Watergates and narrow bridges, and pay attention to the fisherman’s lines.

You've mentioned that you practice power-lifting and you've also added a picture - can you tell us more about this?

Power-lifting is a variation of weightlifting. You use the same Olympic bar and the same weights but you have three disciplines instead of two: squat, bench press and deadlift. The latter is what you can see in the picture, which is my record in a national competition - you take the bar from the floor and lift it until you are standing upright. You don’t need to move it over your head, so also elder people may practice this sport. With only three disciplines you strengthen your body in a very effective way and get rid of any back or shoulder pain. In the competition you do your best and have three attempts for each discipline and you augment your weight for every attempt. The three best attempts of all disciplines are summed-up and a winner is declared.

Can you tell us about the education you have?

I have a teacher diploma for French language and history. I studied a year abroad at the Sorbonne in France. I did additional educations as sound engineer and as a journalist, and worked for the national broadcast as freelancer.

Did you get the chance to meet some interesting people in these jobs?

I remember long philosophic calls with keith.elliott, our previous manager. He is a very literate man and wanted to learn some exercises to strengthen his body. One day when he came to Walldorf and in our meeting I tried to teach him an exercise. He was jumping up and down the table with his suit on - it was funny :smile:

Details about your title, group and role?

I trained myself in multimedia and started my career at SAP in September 1997 in the multimedia department, then I continued as a developer for the iView Studio, and finally as content manager for SCN.  Now I am working for SCN as Senior Content Strategist and I am responsible for the content management (coordination of the space editor calls) and the CMS trainings for the space editors. I am mainly responsible for the Industry pages and the SAP ERP HCM space. In Walldorf I am a well-known service partner for the stakeholders.

In addition to SAP I worked as teacher at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, teaching online journalism. Last year I did a shadowing in the SAP.com department in WDF. I finished my coaching education in the context of the SAP internal Coaching program and I was officially onboarded as SAP internal coach. Now I coach colleagues in the context of change management, sports and diversity. I am an active member in the pride@SAP group in Walldorf. I followed also design thinking trainings and will start as DT coach.

What kind of activities do you do in the pride@SAP group?

I prepared several times our presentation for the diversity day in Walldorf, and a few years ago I even presented the deadlift discipline on the stage, where a male colleague was dressed and acted as a “number girl”.

What brings you the most satisfaction from your role/ community?

Being a real info exchange partner for the space editors. Actually we initiated together a stakeholder core group where we discuss biweekly what is important for the space editors in the context of the upcoming changes.

Have you worked on any interesting project lately?

Last year, together with Dedi Metser, we started the migration of the SCN downloads to SAP Store, it was an exciting time to optimize the download process itself and it will finish soon as a streamlined process where all process steps are included into one online-form to provide downloads.

Dedi and I have been friends for a while now. He came to Germany and I showed him some cool places in Heidelberg and other regions. In the evening we went for dinner with some stakeholders he knows also very well. Next year I am planning to travel to Israel.

Favorite SCN space and why?

It is the SAP ERP HCM space. We worked a while on it to consolidate all the different topics in it and now there are very active blog writers providing weekly fresh content for this space.

What would the community be surprised to learn about you?

I want to do my thesis when I am retired and spend some months in France.

What will the thesis be about?

I already started one (400 pages :smile: ) during my studies about the historiographical view of the French revolution. Unfortunately, it was not accepted because another student in France had a similar topic and has finished it faster than I did. So, perhaps I can use the basis of it with another focus for the next try.

Please help us grow from your personal experience; share one tip/ resource/ guide/ experience that you recommend after finding it helpful

When you are tired from your work and you need a good remedy to get your power back, go for a houseboat trip, it is really a relaxing experience.

Personal philosophy or motto
“Coach or get coached, it is a present for your quality of life”.

The next four questions are taken from the Actor Studio interview questions:

  1. What is your favorite word: creativity
  2. Least favorite word: boredom
  3. What sound do you love: house music and piano music
  4. What profession other than yours would you love to attempt: audio engineer at the national television or a French revolutionist in Paris during 1792.

What is your favorite book, or share the last book you read?

The last book I read was: Maintenant ou jamais from Francois de Closets about the actual economic and social situation in France.

Ingvild’s passion and dedication is something his team members can’t overlook. Read on to hear the great things his teammates have to share:

  • “Ingvild is an amazing team player who works tirelessly to ensure that his projects are delivered on time. He’s got great initiative, which tends to be contagious!”
  • “Ingvild is very dedicated to the service of his stakeholders and takes the time to listen and support them. In addition to his formal role at SAP, Ingvild provides life coaching to others. He always demonstrates how much he cares.”
  • “As a new member of the SCN team, Ingvild has been warm and welcoming, organized and helpful. I appreciate his kind support and willingness to help me.”
  • "Ingvild is a great person to work with. He is a very thorough, dedicated and clear in the way he strives to achieve the team goals. "
  • "Ingvild is a very fun to work with"

Follow Ingvild's tweets: @BayerIngvild

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