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Play the game to see if you are a rock star blogger!

***Please note, the video and game will close on June 30th, 2016.

Whether you've been blogging since the invention of the internet or you are just getting started, there is room for improvement. Depending on how you approach it, your blog could be a huge sensation, or a complete flop. 

In recent months, SCN Community Managers have received a lot of feedback about blogs that didn't quite meet expectations. In SAP Mentor, fred.verheulfred.verheul blog, What Kind of Blog Posts do we want on SCN?, he asks bloggers to stop publishing marketing blogs. Though he doesn't give specific instructions for how to blog, the comments posted to his blog (which has 38,000+ views) make it clear that Community visitors want blogs of substance.

So how can you make sure that your blog contribution is viewed as positive?

  1. Watch the Rock Star video lesson
  2. Play the Rock Star game – a little bit like Candy Crush with tricky questions peppered in to test your blogging skills.
  3. Posting on SCN? It’s a great place to start with 2.5 million+ visitors per month. Be sure to read the Rules of Engagement.
  4. Check out which content is most popular in the topic you are going to cover. It will help you gauge your audience and determine what they value.
  5. Be ready for feedback and respond quickly and professionally.

Take your Blogging to Rock Star Status

This is one of the most fun ways to become a Rock Star Blogger:

1. Click here to watch a brief and very entertaining video to learn blogging best practices. These tips and tricks will help you gain followers and positive engagement.

2. Play the Rock Star blogger game to test your knowledge. Once you complete a level of play, a question will appear. Answer correctly to move onto the next level.

3. Share your scores via the social widgets to show off your knowledge and get others to improve their skills.

There are 20 levels of play, which get more challenging as you progress. Each level poses a new question from the Rock Star video lesson. As you progress, you will get closer and closer to gaining the ultimate high score.

How to Play the Game – Think Candy Crush!

  • Match 3 or more of the same colored items in a row by using your mouse to switch them around.
  • Building a row of 4 of the same colors will award you with bonus items.
  • Build rows with the bonus item to remove an entire line.
  • The more items you combine, the more points you will score.
  • Hint: When you see 3 items spinning on the board, this is showing you a possible move.
  • Hint: Answer blogging questions as quickly as possible to get more points.

Earn Your Spot on the Rock Star Stage

Once you've completed the game, take your place on the Rock Star stage by posting your next blog in the "write tone" on SAP Community Network.

Rock On!