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Do you think that you are a responsible person? Ask yourself and you will get the answer from your heart. In our personal / professional life, we all are a responsible person at all. But my question is “Are you a responsible person in SCN?”

As we know it’s a professional forum where we are sharing knowledge to each other. We are here to say something to others and learn something from others. We people are helping another people and other people are here to help us.

As we all know a professional tip: You have 1 and I have 1, if we mixed it together, then we can say we have 2.

The same way, I have knowledge about Computer and you have knowledge about Mobile. If we share our knowledge to each other, then we both can learn about computer and mobile. And then we can say others that we both have knowledge about Computer and Mobile.

But we only can learn something if you will share something, if you are not ready to share something, then how can we learn from you?

If I have some problem, then I post a question in SCN. People are taking their time and read my discussion and try to solve my issue. If they solve my issue then I mark the discussion as correct and helpful answers. If I am not able to find the correct solution, then I mark the discussion as assume answer and helpful answer for these replies which help me to find a way to correct it.

But what if I find it myself, why I should post the answer as I have found it myself? Why I will waste my time by replying my thread and mark own reply as correct as also I will be not eligible for some points. It is enough to post the reply as “I have found it yourself”. You also must be thinking about that. But other people are not thinking the same.

When someone replies a discussion, then they are following the discussion for an answer, so that they can learn something new. You see in SCN, the option “Track in Communication” will automatically on when you will reply to a thread, so that you can get all replies for the discussion in your communication tab. Suppose someone has posted an issue and you have replied that issue and you thought might be my answer will resolve this issue, but then you get the reply from OP as “I have solved myself”, then just one question comes in your mind and that is “HOW?”. Then sometime you just let the question go from your mind or sometime you will post a reply that “Can you explain how the issue got resolved?” But OP doesn’t care about that and leave the discussion as it is.

After some times (might be some years) when another people face same issue and came to SCN and search about his issue, then he find the exact question which is running in his mind and he is looking for the solution in replies. He read the reply from OP that is “I have solved myself”. Then the same question comes in his mind also that is “HOW?”

Then also he will post a reply that “How did you solve the issue?” then this discussion become as a dead discussion, Jurgen sir has described about that matter in his blog Dr. Frankenstein - please stop reanimating the dead.

Now if we can change it like that below scenario:

Suppose you have some issue. You come into SCN and go to the search place and type you search term and you get some discussions, you click on a discussion and find a reply which has marked as correct or you see a reply from OP that described how he has solved the issue. Then you have applied the same and your issue got resolved. Then how will be your face looking like? Isn’t it be like below:

“Yeepeeeee I got my solution” and you like the reply to appreciate it.

So we can change something by being little responsible. As you can read in this document The SCN Rules of Engagement, option no 8, you need to be responsive. The same way you need to be responsive when you find the answer yourself. Post your solution in your discussion if you will find it yourself. It is not just for others, it is for SAP community Network, it is for your personality, it is for your responsibility. Help others, only then you will get help from others. Help SCN to serve you better.

Experts are here to teach you, to lead you, but you also need to be like:

Never post such a reply “Solved”, “I have solved myself”, “The issue got resolved” in your discussion when you will find the solution yourself. Always explain the solution, so that other can find the exact solution for the issue. So that you can say yourself “Yes, I am a responsible person in SCN”

Check your Profile - Content tab, you will find you all discussion which is created by you. If you still didn't do that but you are in SCN, then you should do it soon. Close your all open discussions, Mark the correct answer or helpful answers, which have helped you or share the solution if you have found it yourself.

Don't just let the discussion as it is. If you will look into the discussion Advance Payment Invoice through MM

You can see here, OP has forgotten the solution for his issue that means it was too late to share his solution. If he did that at that time when he found that solution, then today we can find the solution easily.