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Diane Fanelli, SAP, kicked off the call today.  Recording link: https://sap.na.pgiconnect.com/p588p672n9a/

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Diane started this program in 2011, to extend what they did in the military and beyond

Joint partnership with Fort Hood and St. Michael's

Source: SAP

Rigorous training process, hands-on session, and people go through SAP certification process (TERP10) to prepare veterans/active military


Magic happens with St. Michael's to add to the program.  Simon To, ASUG Volunteer, said this: "We worked with St Michael and have arranged a few interview sessions at our ASUG DFW Chapter Meeting.  It was great!"

How to help them be part of the community

Source: SAP and St. Michael's

Christine Aboud, presented this part of the presentation

Source: SAP

This is a private/public partnership

"Takes a community of different partners to transition a veteran" Christine said

Career skills program MOU with the military; 180 days where active duty station is the classroom

Case studies, simulations, and how their companies and processes run.

SAP has "opened" their networks at ASUG chapter meetings, and at SAPPHIRENOW

Advantages for employers - SAP talent is hard to find.  Veterans have "80%" of what it takes to be trained.  Troubleshooting skills they have maintained

At the end, they become a certified SAP graduate and learn about business processes

Military allows employers to receive tax benefits as well.


Memorandums of understanding (MOU's) with Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, and National Guard and they can also attend ASUG Chapter meetings to interview with ASUG members (and veterans were hired as a result)

On the call, Mike Allen, spoke about his experienced.  He retired after 22 years of military service, and got into course, graduated in May.  He was chemical radiological specialist; didn't have software skills but liked SAP course and graduated from TERP10.  Christine had instructors for them.

Keys to success to Mike - he didn't know how to write a resume, leverage Linked In, and as part of the program; he felt the program taught him to be a civilian.  Christine helped set up mock interviews.

Employers would interview and help them get better at interviewing.  Everyone in the class received job offers.  Mike works for HPE.  He learned how to use social media to leverage opportunities.  Mike sells software solutions to the federal DoD account.  He helps "solve problems through software".  Mike discussed his fear of not knowing "what's next" after leaving the military - it is filled with classroom.

Christine: a call to action

Connecting with Community video: https://www.hightail.com/download/cUJXQ3R3aFJRR2NLSk1UQw

Becky Hoffart, started in military for 12 years as a medic and was also in logistics officers.  She has her masters in logistics.  She separated from the military, and saw bulletin board for SAP and St. Michaels.  Started class in August 2016, graduated in November, and received MM certification.  Becky now works at 3M.  She says she needed to learn civilian lingo "PoC" is not point of contact but proof of concept.  She is configuring plants, extending plants, using Jira.

Diane said this program is a great program that these veterans have the skills needed and encourage us to mention this program.  "Education and learning is for life", said Diane

Question and Answer

Question to Diane Fanelli:

"as an SAP executive, you have the opportunity to sponsor many different programs. What particularly attracts you to veterans program"

A: "giving the Veterans an opportunty to increase their skills and get new careers in SAP , aligns to SAP core values. " - Diane Fanelli

"many of the SAP customers have a Veterans to hire program and they are exicted to hire graduates from the SAP program since this givens them employees to hire into their SAP practices " - Diane

Q: Is program just open to Army?

A: looking at working with National Guard, and possibly the US Marines

Q: Is geared for active-duty soldiers/marines, etc, and not necessarily admin military folks?

A: Does not matter what military occupation is; as long as pass assessment test

Q: As an employee how do I engage my friends that are retiring from the military into the program

A: contact stmichaelslearningacademy.com