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Community Manager
Community Manager

As many of you probably have noticed already, our community Answer-Thon challenge, which is driven by the SAP Champions, is ending its second week.

For those who do not yet know what the challenge is all about, here is short explanation of how you can take part in the challenge.

The Answer-Thon challenge is a community fun event, which runs over the summer months. Our primary focus is on answering selected questions in the SAP Community.

And you can win special Answer-Thon badges too!

The pre-selected questions has been marked with our own tag, created especially for this Answer-Thon challenge.

Follow the instructions below to reveal the tag, and start hunting down the Answer-Thon questions:

tldkl oewkx dmcol vuptg hvwjk naqid avypr zwtic zgnzs bvdhd
muyfd ighgd xhlng oaecn vjnsl ssjrx gxald tukxj rvfoq yxzxq

  • Choose the third letter of the third word

  • Choose the fifth letter of the eighths words

  • Choose the second letter of the fourteenths word

  • Choose the first letter of the eighteenths word

And the result is: You have to find out πŸ˜‰

Here are the rules (I know rules are there to be broken, but in this case they are relevant πŸ˜‰):

  1. πŸ”Ž Search for the user tag and find all the questions, that belong to the challenge. Keep in mind, we will only consider the questions tagged with this user tag when we find the Answer-Thon winner at the end of the challenge.

  2. πŸ’¬ If you find some good questions to answer, do it! Answer as many questions as possible, as the likeliness is higher to get your answers accepted. Therefore, select the Question Types "No Answers" and filter:

  3. πŸŽ–It is of course not only relevant to answer as many questions as possible. Liking, upvoting and commenting are also all activities that qualify for the Answer-Thon. For instance, you can filter for "Without Accepted Answer" and if you see a good answer, please upvote:

  4. βœ… Keep answering questions until the challenge ends at the end of August, which means you have more than four weeks left to get as many answers accepted as possible πŸ˜‰

The winner of this challenge will be the one, who has received the highest number of accepted answers and will be announced at the beginning of September and awarded with a special badge. πŸ†
SAP Champion 02697040d5824f4a9d8fb38b1a40074f has already published two great blog posts on the current Answer-Thon challenge. For those of you, who would like to go deeper into the topic, go read them here:

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