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Developer Advocate
There's a wealth of video content for SAP developers on the SAP Developers YouTube channel. Find out what it is, and how to navigate it.

Back in January 2019, our live streaming journey started over on Twitch as somewhat of an experiment, before moving over to YouTube. Initially we streamed to individual SAP developer YouTube channels (mine, Max's, Tom's and Kevin's) but we soon pooled our efforts & experiments and all moved across, with the rest of the advocates, to the SAP Developers YouTube channel.

It's been a wonderful journey for us so far, being able to share content with you like this, and in particular, the immediate and direct connections afforded by live streams and premieres is one of my favourite aspects. It's not by accident that my tweets about upcoming live streams often include this sentence: "Join us for friendly chat and curiosity-driven learning-by-doing!" The journey is still in its infancy, so I thought now would be a good time to highlight some of the content and help you navigate it.


First, the SAP Developers YouTube channel should be your single go-to destination. Make sure you're subscribed and you can use the bell icon to get notified of upcoming content.

The SAP Developers YouTube channel home page


Next, we have different shows for you.

Hands-on SAP Dev: This is the original and still the main show - the home of live content. There's a general YouTube playlist for this show where all the individual episodes are listed*, but note that there are other more focused playlists that gather related episodes from this show together in various series (see below). Generally each Hands-on SAP Dev episode runs for up to an hour, sometimes less but generally no more -- so you can reserve a slot for them in your day's work schedule :-). The show has some regularity to it, in that, for example, Tom premieres often on a Tuesday, and I stream on a Friday.

(*older episodes are gathered in another playlist: Hands-on SAP Dev with qmacro)

SAP Developer News: This is a relatively new show with episodes that appear at the end of each week. The episodes are deliberately short so you can consume them quickly; they're usually 5-6 minutes long covering news highlights from that week. There's a playlist for this show too: SAP Developer News.

SAP Tech Bytes: This is an initiative to bring you bite-sized information on all manner of topics, in video and written format. Everything you need from this initiative is accessible from the accompanying sap-tech-bytes repository on GitHub - links to videos, blog posts, playlists, code samples and more.


Of course, within the Hands-on SAP Dev show, we have different developer advocates covering different topics at different times, and more often than not, to cover a topic fully takes more than a single episode. How do we group these episodes together? Into series, and we generally try to represent each series with its own playlist. There are many playlists available - here are some examples of playlists for series:

Getting the most out of the SAP TechEd Developer Keynote repository

Graphing SAP Enterprise Messaging Artifacts

Building hana-opensap-cloud-2020

Diving into messaging on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Ariba for Developers

There are also some series playlists with Hands-on SAP Dev content on the original advocates' channels, for example:

Building a custom task UI for SAP Cloud Platform Workflow in two episodes

Data engineering and development with Witalij Rudnicki

CF CLI Plugins

Max's Adventure in SAP Cloud Platform

Project Kyma and Kubernetes

There's even a specific "Deep Dive!" series collection too:

Consuming remote services in CAP - Deep Dive!

Custom task UIs for Workflow - Deep Dive!

Workflow service on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry - Deep Dive!

SAP Approuter - Deep Dive!

OAuth 2.0 on SAP Cloud Platform - Deep Dive!

Other Content

Beyond that, we have other content for you on the channel.

Devtoberfest 2020: Perhaps most significantly and recently, there's the entire back catalogue of enablement content from the Devtoberfest 2020 event. This enablement content is also organised into playlists - one for each of the topics:

project "Kyma" - Devtoberfest Enablement Content

Cloud APIs - Devtoberfest Enablement Content

SAP HANA Multi-model - Devtoberfest

SAP Business Application Studio for SAP Fiori Development - Devtoberfest Enablement

SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment & ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model - Devtoberfest Ena...

SAP Cloud Platform Workflow - Devtoberfest Enablement Content

There's more content, but I'll leave it here for now. Don't forget to subscribe, and have fun perusing and consuming the content. Let me know if I've missed anything! Also, what else would you like to see?