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Many of you have asked us to rethink an aspect of the Active Contributor recognition and I am happy to tell you that we listened to your suggestion and decided to implement the change requested by the Community.

This year, on December 31, 2010, you will be able to celebrate New Year's Eve without worrying about your SCN Active Contributor status 😉

Starting December 6, 2010, the Active Contributor Badge will show for points you accumulated on a 12-month rolling period. You will be able to sport your badge regardless of the calendar year.

OK, this may not change the way you contribute on SCN, but I'd like to remind some of you that these points do expire after 12 months, so keep up with the good work and continue contributing regularly. If you don't maintain your active contributor status over a period of 12 months, the badge will disappear or you will move down to a lower active contributor status.

As a reminder, Active Contributor badges were introduced in August 2010 (see Announcing the new SCN Contributor Recognition Program). After December 6, 2010, the badges will be attributed the following way, for points accumulated over a 12-month rolling period:

250-499 points: Active Contributor Bronze

500-1,499 points: Active Contributor Silver

1,500-2,499 points: Active Contributor Gold

2,500+ points: Active Contributor Platinum

How do I know how many points I have and how they count towards Active Contributor status?

1/ As soon as you log on, when you navigate through most of SCN's pages, you can see your point status and the corresponding badge in the Contributors Corner (of course, we will change this to "Last 12 months points" instead of "Annual points"):

2/ Clicking on the link in that same contributors corner, or via your business card for example (Community Tab, Contribution Field), you get to your point history. There, make sure you select the last 12 months if you want to check how many points count toward your Active Contributor status:

How do I know when I'm about to lose Active Contributor status, or go down to silver level after being Gold for a year?

The only way to find out is to look for your point history as described above.

I think this is more than a minor change, and I'm excited that we get to make this happen before the end of the year. So keep up the good work and contribute regularly on SCN!

Enjoy your New Year's Eve and think of me as you toast to the New Year. Myself, I'll be celebrating in New York City 🙂