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Community Manager
In 2016, the SAP Community moved from its old SCN home to its current platform. And in 2024, we'll have moved once again -- but to a new home that, actually, isn't entirely new at all. 

In late 2021, we launched our groups platform on Khoros. Starting with a few areas, this platform has since exploded to cover a wide variety of topics, providing discussion forums where participants can connect with peers in their locations, chat with like-minded members about common interests, search for new job opportunities, and join educational activities. And that was just the beginning, because by the end of this year, our Q&A and blogging content will become part of the same environment as groups.community.sap.com. 

Fully migrating SAP Community 

Why the need to migrate from community.sap.com? In short: We've outgrown our home.  

More than 3 million unique visitors come to SAP Community every month looking to learn and network, and after 7 years of providing the prime location to satisfy these needs, the current platform can no longer evolve to meet the demands of this large (and demanding!) audience. After nearly a decade of customizing, we've simply reached the limit of what we can do with some of our most popular areas, such as Q&A. 

With our groups platform, we have expanded our community with a solution from Khoros, a recognized leader in the online community space. And we've only scratched the surface of what's possible. 

What to expect from the platform 

In addition to providing discussion forums and event areas, the Khoros platform can deliver out-of-the-box functionality for questions and answers, blogging, gamification, and more. That makes it the perfect single location for everything our community has to -- and wants to! -- offer, especially as we continue to grow our community and its services. Khoros is the perfect partner for us because we'll benefit immediately from improvements that they develop and deliver for their platform. 

We plan to migrate the Q&A and blogging content by the end of this year (although our topic pages will remain where they are), while we also look to build even further upon what Khoros can do -- from new ways of rewarding members who earn positive reputations to better options for consuming the content members want the most.  

We'll have more to announce in the months ahead, as we help you prepare for your new home. But why wait? You can familiarize yourself with that new home now by participating in our groups. If you haven't already, sign up and join the conversations. The Welcome Corner is a great place to start, and we even started an Ask and Comment About the Community Platform and Migration discussion over there where you can ask questions about the upcoming migration and share your thoughts about the experience. 

The SAP Universal ID requirement 

With the migration, the community will be SAP Universal ID native, and as mentioned in this post, SAP Universal ID is also required to register for SAP TechEd. In addition, on September 5, members not on SAP Universal ID will be prompted to sign up when they attempt to log into the SAP Community. You can avoid that inconvenience -- and get ready for the new community and SAP TechEd today -- by creating your SAP Universal ID now! 

SAP Universal ID gives you complete control of your experience (so can manage your personal SAP identity through a single account that you can keep for life), and as previously mentioned, this ID will also become the only way to log into the new community after migration. So please make sure you don't get left behind, as we want you to come with us to our new home! 

Getting you ready for migration 

Expect more posts and updates to help documentation soon, as we plan to give you as much time as possible to get ready for the migration. We'll even schedule sessions where members can talk to experts to get additional details about the move. 

We'll also host monthly, live calls to ensure our community is ready for migration. We'll come together to hear updates, ask questions, and share ideas. Please register for these 60-minute, live YouTube sessions: 

September 19

October 17

November 14

December 14

January 16, 2024

February 13, 2024

The best is yet to come 

From SDN to SCN to SAP Community…I've been there every step of the way -- as a member, and as a manager. As the head of the Community & Influencers team, I feel confident that Khoros can give us the best community experience yet. I look forward to this next stage of a journey going back 20 years 

More importantly, I look forward to continuing this journey with you -- and continuing the conversation with you in the Welcome Corner.  

SAP Community Monthly Migration Series