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At SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, we announced the beginning of open beta. Today, at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, we are announcing that the official transition from SCN to the community's new home will happen on October 10.

As in life, moving homes, while exciting, is not an easy task. This is true for us too. We'll be coordinating the move, and we may ask you to pack a few things to bring from SCN (a beloved avatar perhaps?). But don't worry: We won't ask you to help us carry the sofa.

As you settle in, you'll find that the new home will offer many luxuries not available in the current SCN. At the same time, you'll see that construction is far from complete. We'll add even more amenities to make things more comfortable.

In many ways, you serve as our architects, guiding what we create. This announcement does not change that. Beta testing will continue until October 7, and even after we go live, we'll prioritize additional features in response to your ongoing input. Feedback is very important to us, as it allows us to design the community with you.

In addition to encouraging your feedback, we asked you to grade us. We recently conducted a satisfaction survey. On a scale of 1.0 to 5.0, we scored a 3.46. We had set the bar for ourselves at 3.0, meaning if we didn't score 3.0 or higher, we would postpone launch.

Clearly 3.46, while positive, isn't perfect. Members stressed that finding information needs to be easier. So in the weeks leading up to launch, we'll focus on key areas such as navigation, search, and tagging --and this focus will remain immediately after launch too.

Members have done an excellent job communicating their concerns to us. We want our communications back to members to be equally admirable. Approaching launch (and moving beyond), we will provide more details about the latest important upgrades we've made to our home, as well as spell out our plans to develop new features.

With the new community home, improvements will come in iterations. Through the remainder of 2016 and well into 2017, we'll rethink, add, refine. You'll be involved every step of the way.

The comments I see from members has reinforced a fact I long knew: This community cares. It's filled with passionate people. Sometimes this leads to tough love, however criticism reflects the dedication of members.

Our commitment to you is no less than your commitment to the community. Together, we are loyal to this home we share -- a place where can people can learn, offer insight, and connect.

We're partners. More than that, we're family. Let's stay united to build and renovate what we all dream of – the best SAP community home possible.