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What kind of event has a guest book? This one does!

So please, all attendees of the upcoming SAP Online Track, make a note, write a message, share your thoughts and be the ones that make it the best (and first, of course) event that has ever been!

We implore and beseech you to leave a little bit of your experience in our multipage notebook so that we might read and remember all the best experiences of the Event.

If you are a doodler like me, and want some creative outlets and doodle mania, this space is also just the right one for you! In this book you don’t have to feel guilty about the fact, because this space also allows for the hobby that helps you relax and reset the mental clock. The SAP Online Track has it all!

A grand scheme for our SAP Online Track on 30th and 31st of May is to have a notes and doodle wall for the entirety of the Event, for everyone to leave an impression on!


What is the desired result?

For all participants to leave a note with greetings, reflections and perspectives on the talks! Imagine we will have a whole participation/experience board when we’re done, and it will be our physical evidence of a great event!

A wall of greetings, learnings and doodles!

I will personally pick a random array of talks to create doodles for, too! This is freestyle and we are aiming for a Mural of interactions at the end of the event. Of course our Speakers have things to show us too, so doodle on with dual screen, or leave a lovely note after the sessions ?

The AWW App for our guest book: https://awwapp.com/b/ucqrr23vqfvoc/

A little bit about the tool:

  • Zoom is endless – toggle it via the scroll function on your mouse

  • Grabs things via the Mouse Icon on the left-hand bar

  • Move around via the Hand Icon on the right-hand bar

  • Left-hand bar has all the functionalities ranging from Post-Its to Drawing

  • Clicking on the screen after selecting post-IT functionality from the bar will place a Post-it

    • If you’re zoomed out your post-IT dominates the screen.

    • You can toggle it smaller through grabbing it in the bottom right corner


Want to attend the Event? - Look at this LinkedIn post and join the Discord Server

Subscribe to the Youtube Channel for all the talks!


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