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Wish you a Happy 5th Birthday (29th April) openSAP and we wish you celebrate many more years in guiding people in SAP innovations & transforming organizations to meet demands in Digital era.

I am one of the few learners/participants who started with openSAP first course and still continuing the recent courses. So I wanted to pen down some memorable things as a learner in this journey in this blog.

Please note: All views expressed in this blog are personal, neither officially related to SAP/openSAP nor my present/ previous organizations.


OpenSAP is a free Massive Open Online Course (MOCC) learning platform which uses Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) technology to provide free training courses in SAP. You can also find https://openhpi.de/ for worldwide social learning on different Technologies.

OpenSAP has almost conducted 140+ courses on various SAP technologies from HANA, UX, Cloud Platform to SAP Leonardo foundation. Also has a different channel “Thought Leaders” to drive the change within organizations as a leader / influencer.

 What makes openSAP unique with others:

Digital transformation has a lot of momentum in every Industry and every organization is trying to leverage the SAP innovations in Digital Transformation era. As an organization if you are looking for knowing different solutions provided by SAP or as an influencer you want to propose a solution in your organization or as a consultant you want to know and work on any SAP new technologies / products - OpenSAP is the one of the best places to check-in.

You can watch industry experts doing hands on demo’s and get experience by doing our own in trail versions as Practice/Assignments, which makes full (100%) satisfaction to any Learner.

Target Audience:

Each Course has a list but overall Digital transformation is a matter of mindset, people and tools. Its not specific to a set of people, from User – driven to Technology, OpenSAP provides courses targeting all set of people - Designers, non-Designers, Admin, Developer, Architect etc and Tools that come as on Premise or Cloud to upgrade in the SAP eco System.

Personal Experience:

As said earlier I started with first OpenSAP course and in these 5 years completed 45+ courses in different areas (almost a course every month). These courses helped me to get to learn the latest technologies, practicing, working, direction of SAP in Digital Transformation and getting SAP external certifications by these learnings.

- First course 'In memory data management happened parallels with open HPI also and I think future course on Java is the only next course which taken from openHPI. I participated on both.

- @Thomas Jung Course on SAP HANA is one of the best course which given more interest to follow OpenSAP courses. Still remember his style of teaching, attire and presenting his(guru) knowledge in a simple and memorable way. I am big fan of his courses(repeated) and enrolled some courses only to attend his sessions J. Check this 2nd course of openSAP for https://open.sap.com/courses/hana1 , perfect way of presentation, attire (there was a discussion thread on his attire – which color shirt he wear in next week).

My Score card of this course. https://open.sap.com/verify/xemit-pisum-potyc-menyp-lycuh

- 3rd course was from Dr. Vishal Shikka on HANA, learning a Technology from that Technology guru(head) was always a great opportunity, we had that blessing and this course was the most people enrolled course at that time.

My Score Card -  https://open.sap.com/verify/xuvok-notig-selec-pybas-puned

I don’t remember much on other sequence of courses but overall its full satisfaction to learn our interested areas from openSAP. Some of the courses I still love to participate are related to UX (SAP UI5, Fiori, ScreenPersonas) SAP Cloud Platform, Learn S/4 HANA and Leonardo Machine learning.

 I Like I Wish:

  • Other than Learning what make me(us) to enroll courses with openSAP

  • Most units designed in a pattern like concept, demo, something to practice in a time frame <  20 min. you can learn them independently if you want skip previous units.

  • Trail versions of SAP Cloud platform, S/4 system, ES6 for screen Personas, Design thinking, SAP cloud portal, webIDE and assignments on working on these made the courses very interesting.

  • Courses on SAP UX area with assignments helped me in clearing the external SAP Fiori Dev certification Exam.

  • Reactivation of courses for those who missed / wanted to certify the previous courses on OpenSAP.

  • Dedicated help desk for each course wise and tech related issues

  • When I heard the name 'Leonardo' at TechEd there were courses on Leonardo to know on basics of Leonardo to SAP's strategy on Leonardo Machine Learning services implementation

  • Digital certificate verification by openSAP.

  • Learning experience also includes UX - there were lot of changes happened in UI area and OpenSAP never disappointed us from user perspective in both Mobile app / web.  We can easily attend any course from mobile.

  • SSO with SAP Community network and more options to login (which were not there as initial


All these changes were not happened in a single day or with a single person, continuous dedication of many people in different area made openSAP such a great platform today - 98% user satisfaction from 630K learners with 140 courses and 200 country user presence is a Greatest Achievement for any platform within 5 years– data copied from openSAP official blog.

A heartful thanks to the core team of OpenSAP, instructors, people behind screens - content makers, quality video, tech support team, helpdesk teams, and also our fellow learners who helped in evaluating others assignments and their participation on questions in discussion forums.

Thank you open5AP

Let us also know your experiences with openSAP as a blog/ in comments.

Other IMP things to note:

  • Check the openSAP Official blog post on 5 years’ completion and new features of openSAP for 5 Years celebration: https://open.sap.com/pages/5years

  • SAP mentors also celebrate 10 Years by this year, so a big thank you all the mentors on all your support and guidance in different community forums (SAP Teched etc).


  • 2018 is also a flagship year for 2 other great Open platforms (non SAP) for their 10 years’ completion

GitHub:  Read official blog here https://github.com/ten

Want to know more on this distributed version control system and Cloning, Saving, Staging, Committing, Stashing, Branches, Tags, Merging etc of GitHub – check this active openSAP course:


Stack overflow: An Expert exchange platform for developers in a simple way of questions & answers but very powerful in developer community also completed 10 Years by sept:

Check SAP UI5 Stack overflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/sapui5