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Not long ago, SAP Community members created short videos about themselves in response to a challenge, by me and others, to compete in a fun way for basically worthless prizes yet undying recognition. We called the awards the SCNotties, a tongue-in-cheek homage to the Razzies, a movie site awards for worst in special categories. Our contest evolved, or devolved if you will, when we starting making all-in-good-fun criticism of another set of videos. In the MST3K vein.

Then I think the humor started getting forced, and the thing died of inertia. However, as I have transitioned from the SAP Mentor program to the new SAP Champion endeavor, I put "Godfather of the SCNotties" on my updated bio, which then led to thinking about kicking it up a notch. Reflecting on how to make it so, my brain said "29 Day Challenge". Actually, it first said "28 Days", and I soon learned that was the name of a Sandra Bullock film in a totally different tangent.

The 29 Days Later thing is a local film festival where the concept is a specific "prop" announced at the event kick-off. 29 days later every submitted entry must include said prop in some fashion. Previous ones I recall were a rooster-decorated oven mitt, aluminum foil, and a plant. The fun of viewing the films is heightened by looking for the inclusion, like waiting for the inevitable Hitchcock cameo.

How will this work for the SAP Community? By a happy coincidence, our local 29 Days film festival contest kicks off October 10, 2019 (one week from today). Then all entries must be completed and submitted by November 8, 2019.


I'm good with the same deadlines if I can get the messaging through the right channels. I suspect the phrase will be "Go for it" but you never know.

Now, you can't have a contest without rules. And you can't have multiple people making the rules, so, as Godfather, these are my rules, as long as they stay within the boundaries of the SAP community rules of engagement. Not to mention regional, national, other jurisdiction and local ordinances. There won't be valuable prizes anyway, just some mathoms.

  1. Rule The Oneth: Twenty-Nine Seconds of Video. No More. No Less. Any half-way decent edit app lets you truncate. Make it so.

  2. One person per video. In some earlier SCNotties teams tried to submit entries. Since we didn't have a rule against it we had to allow it. Now there's a rule. These are about you, not about "you all".

  3. We don't have any categories defined as of today. Write your darn screenplay and submit anyway. We'll likely have at least one or two awards categories defined before the must-have-prop is announced. And I'll think of others as time goes on. This is for fun. Not glory.

  4. Don't have any soundtrack except music you wrote yourself or have copyright clearance to share. We don't want to have anyone's fun ruined by take-down notices. A word to the wise.

  5. We will announce the prop at the start of the 29 days. It needn't be a core of your video, just must be visible at some point. Costumes and silly hats are allowed. And animals.

  6. Exterior shots are encouraged. Who wants to see a maze of cubicles, all alike?

  7. I'm the final judge of awards. I can't be bribed. Trust me on this.

Less formal rules; more like guidelines, follow. If you submitted an entry in the earlier SCNotties series, especially if you were a prize winner, back off and let new people step up. Encourage your quieter, shy, networked colleagues to step away from their video screens and be in one. Write, direct or produce for them. We already know you, we don't know them. I want to make new SAP Community friends, and put faces (and background locations) to more names!

How you share your video is up to you. I'm using YouTube, which is easy enough to link in the SAP community platform. If you use another, the results don't need to be embedded in a post. For earlier SCNotties, I spent time scrolling through the clips and picking screenshots I liked for thumbnail summaries.

"One take" entries are often the best. If you have not spoken in front of a camera, it's understandable you feel the to practice.Think of these as "elevator speeches", where the audience is a random person you may never see again, and you want to say something in the short timespan you have together. Relax, be yourself, think of catching up with your closest, dearest friend(s).

There were likely be online posts via Twitter, using the handle SCNotties. And the obvious hashtag #SCNotties.


How to participate

As wiki editing is less open than previously, leave a comment on this blog with a link to your video. If you want to share it via Twitter, that will be included once the @SCNotties account comments back.

Below are links to earlier SCNotties series, blogs and wikis. Given the platform changes over time, the content has held up surprisingly well. As far as I can see. Not all links are gonna work. And there are likely some "former members" sprinkled among the crowd.




Push the button, Frank.