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Today it's door 11 of our #SAPCommunity24 project which has been announced by l_stodal in her post and I want to reflect a bit on SAP Community Calls. Do you know our SAP Community Calls?

Since 2022 these are YouTube live streams from the SAP Community channel and a great way to interact live with internal SAP speakers or speakers from outside of SAP. YouTube is easy to access so it’s available for everyone, without registration. Let us and other community members know whether you will attend one of the upcoming calls in the Event Listing in SAP Community. Here, you can use the RSVP function and add the event directly to your calendar. Have you explored it yet? Let me explain a bit more:

There are different event types/categories, for instance besides the SAP Community Calls, there are other SAP Community events such as SAP Stammtisch, SAP InsideTrack and many more. You can subscribe to the individual event type/category you are interested in, or you can also check the overview page and get all events at a glance.


Coming back to our SAP Community Calls, we had more than 65 calls with thousands of attendees and 100s of thousands of views in 2022. craig.cmehil has summarized all this data in his blog post.

I for myself hosted 19 SAP Community Calls this year. A highlight was definitely the call with my colleague nicolai.geburek and michellemoudy about SAPUI5 and how they built the same app with freestyle SAPUI5 and UI5 Web Components from React. They shared their experiences and compared the end results. Don’t miss to watch the replay. (Did I mention the great feature of our live streams, namely that the recording is directly available after the call? In case you can’t make it at the time the call is scheduled, you can conveniently watch the recording directly after the call finished – at any time!)

Another highlight was the call with our winners of the No-Code Community Challenge, 177ce313868444f78e8b2470e82a23d6, mat_castelo, and aocheng, along with the Low-Code, No-Code Developer Advocate daniel.wroblewski. They discussed the winning apps, how did they come up with their ideas, what features of SAP AppGyver helped them reach their goal, what features do they think are missing from SAP AppGyver, and what ideas do they have for the future. Watch the replay here or read the blog post from Daniel.

Finally, I would like to highlight the community call series about the recently launched SAP Build products SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Build Work Zone and SAP Build Apps (this one has been hosted by my colleague moshe.naveh2), which took only place end of last month. SAP Experts like sebastian.schroetel, thomas.volmering, florian.buech and Mark Huber shared more details about the changes of SAP’s low-code solutions after the new launch at SAP TechEd this year.

I hope you like my little summary and are curious about watching all the replays now. What's been your favorite SAP Community Call 2022? Let me know in the comment field!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and the SAP Community Calls Event category to not miss any call in the future.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in one of the next calls in 2023.