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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Just like l_stodal has mentioned in her blog post, the #SAPCommunity24 project is a way for us to give back to you. And today, I would like to give back to those SAP Community members who are making a difference with their continuous contributions, expertise, and engagement: Thank you for your dedication, efforts, and time and for living the community spirit daily!

Who am I talking about? Besides our SAP Community Influencer Program that includes SAP Mentors and SAP Champions (little teaser at this point for an upcoming door 😉), we are highlighting community members who are continuously active and engaging in certain topic areas. By featuring them on the topic pages they contribute to, we want to highlight and appreciate their valuable contributions and give more exposure to their quality content.

Contributors featured on topic pages change regularly which is why we recommend to check back on topic pages what's new. From time to time we also invite particularly outstanding members to one of our SAP Community Member Interviews that we have started with in July this year. These interviews highlight key strategic topics and provide insights from SAP Community members who are making a difference with their active contributions in blog posts, Q&A, discussions and more. The interviews also highlight interesting insights into the members' interests, motivations, and benefits they derive from being an active part of SAP Community. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the interview series and get inspired!

With SAP Community being not only SAP’s largest ecosystem and platform with more than three million members but much more being the global trusted network for SAP professionals it gives members like you the opportunity to engage and build influence, make meaningful connections with other community members, and share your insights and knowledge. It is a place for you to develop as a professional and grow your reputation as an expert. But why could this be of value to you? I believe that building one’s personal brand and finding an edge on one’s competition is key in today’s competitive world. It helps you establish credibility and gain recognition for your expertise in a certain field that you are passionate about.

You might wonder now how to start contributing to your SAP Community? Well, becoming a product or topic expert in SAP Community doesn't develop overnight but evolves over time. If you are new to the community, I recommend making yourself familiar with SAP Community by taking the Tour the SAP Community 2022 tutorial. You could continue by simply showing the community what you are passionate about, as a beginner or an expert, share your insights by starting with your very first blog post (make sure to take our blogging tutorial), browse through the questions in your field of knowledge and support other members by providing an answer, and simply start engaging and networking by joining one of our lively discussions in Groups.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to start developing your reputation, so why not just start today? Who knows, you might already be on a great path to becoming an influential contributor! 😉