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For now, you probably heard about the Future of Community and One Digital Experience project. I have to say that I'm honoured to temporarily take over the role of gali.klingschneider as the owner of blogs, discussions/Q&A and moderation for six months and to be part of the huge family of the 1DX Community and the wonderful team led by jeanne.carboni.

But let's get down to business.

I'm happy to announce that we reached an important milestone in the project regarding the new blogging platform and we are looking for volunteers for an experience validation test and to provide feedback.

Who is the ideal volunteer?

It is YOU! You can be a partner, a developer, a customer, a techie or a business person...etc. The only important thing is that you are the member of our Community.

What does this mean?

This study will help us get feedback about our work so far. It will involve recording your opinions as you follow along the tasks, while having a tool recording your computer screen, mouse clicks and audio. At the end of the test, there will be a few short written questions to answer.

We need your feedback!

You can volunteer by adding your name and SCN User Profile to the1DX Blog Testing - Volunteer Application Form. The first eight volunteers will be contacted via e-mail about the next steps. If a volunteer decides that they cannot do the test, we will choose from the additional people (marked with +1 in the form) to participate.

UPDATE: We got a huge number of volunteers in record time, thank you so much everyone! The application form is closed, so no further application is possible now.

Looking forward to getting your feedback!