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I am a big believer in the value that Twitter can bring SAP professionals and over the past year have written several articles including Five Ways Twitter will Help your SAP Career, How to find and follow SAP Content on Twitter, Value for SAP Customers to start using Twitter, Twitter and SAP - Whats in it for You and Ten Recommended SAP HCM people to follow on Twitter

Last month John Kleeman published a great article called Ten recommended SAP people to follow on Twitter regarding his thoughts on various SAP people who he got value from following on Twitter. This article got me thinking of Enterprise Software analysts that I get value from following on twitter. It is important to note that not all of them are analysts in the true sense of the word but each of them brings a wealth of information and insight day in and day out on twitter. I am a big believer that you should never forget the “information” part of being an IT professional and these people have helped me become more knowledgeable over the past year. I want to use this article to thank them as well as let you know so that you could take advantage of their insight and expertise as well.


Dennis Howlett is an IT industry analyst, a SAP Mentor, founder of AccMan, frequent writer on ZDnet and co-creator of the new JD-OD.com. Don’t let the new smiling picture fool you as if you want to hear an honest opinion both good and bad about Enterprise Software (and a few swear words now and then) then follow Dennis.

Example tweet: @jamesfarrar and I suppose #oracle thinking it comes from high priced software AND a consultant doesn’t count?


Jon Reed is the founder of JonERP.com, a SAP Mentor, Enterprise Irregular writer. SAP trends consultant and co-creator of JD-OD.com. He has a great perspective on SAP and is very highly regarded in the SAP community. As an added bonus you will get occasional views on sports, movies and rock and roll.

Example tweet: Reading: @applebyj's "SAP HANA - myth-busting through the marketing hype" http://dlvr.it/Tcyr9


Thomas Otter is a research Vice President at Gartner and covers HR/HCM technologies. He spent several years working directly for SAP and provides very honest and straightforward insight on a regular basis.  As an added bonus of following Thomas you will get to learn more about cycling which is one of his passions.

Example tweet: Gartner on SAP conference kicks off tomorrow at Sun City, SA. good workshop today with user council. HANA road map looms large.


Ray Wang is a Principal Analyst and CEO at Constellation Research.  He is a regular at almost every software conference worldwide and has a great broad perspective on Enterprise Software.  As an added bonus of following Ray you will get to see pictures of all the great meals he eats during his extensive travels.

Example tweet: Getting on a webinar prep call on ERP Third Party Maintenance options. #ensw #cio #optimization


Naomi Bloom is a leading independent analyst/strategy consultant and thought leader in HR technology as Managing Partner at Bloom & Wallace. She has great insight into the HR technology space as well as a strong passion for true multi tenant software as a service (SaaS).

Example tweet: As long as SAP customers must pay extra for Nakisa, it's like ADP customers paying extra for CSOD -- a new sale. @SAP_Jarret @billkutik


Michael Krigsman is the CEO at Asuret Inc and writes extensively for ZDnet about IT failures. He offers great insight and information about Enterprise Software failures which are unfortunately happen all too often.  As an added bonus of following Michael you will get to view some incredible pictures as he is an accomplished photographer.

Example tweet: #SAP packaged implementations: Status, history, challenges http://zd.net/jhVWsM #CIO #EnSW #sapphirenow


Thomas Wailgum is the managing director and forms a dynamic duo with @cbjorlin at the new ASUG News. He provides excellent information on SAP with a broad understanding of Enterprise Software from his 12 years at CIO.com. By following Thomas you will get some great inside humor along with excellent insight.

Example tweet: SAP Shares Its Financial Outlook: Where’s the Sapphire Love Now? http://bit.ly/l9GcPV #sapphirenow #asug2011


Dennis Moore provides an unbelievable amount of information on Enterprise Software and has a great understanding of the industry given prior stints at both SAP and Oracle. Rumor has it Dennis was the creator of the #EnSw twitter hastag.

Example tweet: #EnSW #Oracle Says #ERP #ITfail Software Woes Are School's Own Fault "When issues arose during the course of the... http://dlvr.it/TdVkR


Vinnie Mirchandani is the owner of Deal Architect, author of the New Polymath, technology consultant and blogger. He has some great insight on disruptive trends and economics as it relates to technology.

Example tweet: @twailgum Rimini had truck outside and continues to make inroads in SAP base but clearly less noise with Jim. Bill.


Frank Scavo is the president of Computer Economics & Strativa , a principal analyst at Constellation Research Group and blogs at the Enterprise System Spectator.  He provides excellent insight on IT spending, Staffing Metrics and Technology adoption trends.

Example tweet: @InFullBloomUS so in 15 years or so will Workday need to re-architect its entire object model?


Albert Pang is president of Apps Run the World which is an IT research company. He provides timely information and insight especially around earnings for all the major software companies.

Example tweet: Comparing in-memory computing strategy with data processing in a box approach. #sapphirenow www.appsrun.com


Zoli Erdos is the editor and Publisher of CloudAve and Enterprise Irregulars which combined with a prior life at SAP and IBM gives him a great perspective of the industry. Zoli is fun to follow on twitter as he combines software information with inside humor.

Example tweet: At this rate @vmware acquisitions will soon won't even get into the news... one a week 🙂

What an impressive group of people, all of whom are active twitter users, and I hope you enjoy following and learning from these individuals as much as I do. If you want add one more to your list of people to follow I have included my information below. 


Jarret Pazahanick is a SAP HCM consultant, HR Expert Author. ASUG news contributor, SCN Moderator/blogger and managing partner of EIC Experts. He shares frequent insight about SAP and SAP Human Capital Management on twitter.

Example tweet: Very excited to be part of an #SAP Career #OnDemand Co-Innovation kick off meeting later this morning. Could be game changer for #SAP #HCM.