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2013 marks the 10th anniversary of SAP Community Network!

What an amazing milestone!   SAP Community Network was launched (originally SAP Developer Network) back in 2003 with a terrific team of innovative and visionary leaders at SAP who recognized the power and possibility of providing a place for our community of customers, partners, developers, consultants, and SAP employees to engage, collaborate, solve problems, and share best practices in an open, freewheeling online environment.  That was the SAP Developer Network – SDN! 

Check out the humble beginnings of the original SDN on the Wayback Machine from July of 2003.  By March of 2004 the SDN Community started really taking shape -- this image below is what many of you will remember as the face of SDN for many years "back in the day". 

Many things have changed since those early days -- but in important ways, many things have not changed.  The passion, excitement, and strong community spirit that started in 2003 is alive today and has grown even stronger with over 2 million unique visitors to the community every month, our remarkable and passionate SAP Mentors, our amazing, dedicated SCN Moderators and Space Editors, a modern and easy-to-use platform, and our most recent addition of the gamification platform with missions and badges all spring from those early beginnings of the SAP Developer Network.  As Fast Company magazine said recently, SAP Community Network has become a "social media juggernaut" that we care passionately about even as the community has grown to such massive proportions.

Celebrations in 2013

So let's celebrate 10 years of SCN!   We’re kicking off the celebration this week with a new and fun video from members, early contributors and founders of SCN, as well as some SCN team members.  Check it out here:

Between now and the SAP TechEd season this fall, we are planning some fun ways to celebrate including missions, contests, online activities and activities at SAP TechEd.  Here are a few things to watch for.

An Online Journey of SCN and Milestones

Every week until TechEd we will be building a virtual timeline on the SCN Facebook page – featuring a year of the SDN / SCN growth and transformation over the last 10 years.  We’ll have 10 years of SCN milestones on both the SCN site and SCN’s Facebook page. Each week, we will post a themed milestone, sharing pictures and video interviews that depict the community from the early days of inception up through the present! Expect to see a lot of familiar faces and hear how SCN began and evolved from people like Ziv Carthy, Jeff Word, Craig Cmehil, and Mark Finnern - to name a few!

All Twitter and Facebook posts will use the hashtag #SCNis10 – so remember to use that in your posts or follow the conversation at #SCNis10 in your favorite Twitter client as well.

Tell Your Story, Become a Part of Our History

In addition to the Facebook timeline, the 10 Year Celebration will include a video blog competition so that you can be a part of SCN history and also earn brand new “SCN is 10” badges. There will be two ways to earn badges and a few points too:

1.          “SCN and Me” video blog competition - we want to hear your story and see how SCN has helped you in your career.  Post a blog in the About SCN space in SCN with a story or share a video about what SCN means to you and tell us about some of your favorite memories through the years. Submissions will earn you an “SCN is 10 Badge”, 5 points in additional to the 10 points for blogging and a chance to win the competition. Winners will be announced at SAP TechEd!

2.          “Real Founder of SCN” video competition and poll - Since quite a few people like to claim that they started the community, we thought it would be fun to have them compete for the title. Watch eight long time, self-proclaimed founders explain in a brief video, why they should be the known as the “Real Founder of SCN”. Once the videos have been posted, you will have a chance to vote on who should be the “Real Founder of SCN”. Voting will earn you a 10 year celebration founder badge and one additional point!

TechEd Celebration

In addition to the online activities, we will celebrate 10 years of SCN at SAP TechEd as well!

In Las Vegas, we will feature a display in the SCN Clubhouse that brings 10 years of SCN to life. Similar to the Facebook timeline, the display will take you through ten years of SCN history, artifacts and the video blog submissions from the “SCN and Me” competition as well the “Real Founder of SCN” video and results.

This display will also give you an opportunity to post your thoughts and ideas on what you think SCN will be and look like in another 10 years. This is your chance to help us shape the future!

Data Geek Challenge

We are also teaming up with the Data Geek Challenge team to feature top contest submissions and share how SCN members are using SAP Lumira to create interesting data stories.

Let’s Get this Party Started!

We are excited to launch these activities and look forward to your participation!  Get those video cams rolling and tell us how SCN has affected your life and helped you in your career. And be sure to watch the founder videos and cast your vote so that the real founder can be recognized.

The online activities will launch later this week.  Watch for more information in SCN, including detailed blogs telling how to participate in the video competitions and vote for the SCN founder. More information will soon be available about SAP TechEd celebration activities as well.

Let us know what you think. Please comment below with your thoughts, suggestions, and encouragement.   And don’t forget to tag your conversations with #SCNis10 hashtag to follow the conversation.

What an amazing milestone -- SCN is 10 Years Old -- Let's Celebrate!