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Summer of 2003 was when SCN started & I was fresh out of Engineering College & was getting to start my career in the Information Technology Industry.

Summer of 2006!

I first started using SCN in 2006 & did not really know all the capabilities of it right away. And the I quit SAP in 2008.

Summer of 2008!

When I moved out of SAP to USA to start my consulting career in US, I had to create a new SCN account with my personal email id in 2008.

My Old account was created with my SAP I-NO & when I moved out of SAP, I couldn't use my account anymore for some reason.

Over the years, I started exploring much more features in SDN & used it to help people looking for help to problems, as well as get help with my own issues, though I could not spend too much time on SCN due to project commitments & busy work schedules.

Game 2013! With the gamification of SCN came new features making SCN all the more fun along with the technology aspects. I started earning new Badges & earned a Bronze Level.

When the Gamification kicked in, I wanted to make sure to increase my visibility on SCN by spending some quality time on SCN to earn some badges.

I posted a new blog post on calling SAP transaction from WDA! & also took some quick surveys.

Posting new Badges on my profile & setting up new targets to do more activities on SCN & also achieving more badges & recognition in the process is fun & the essence of Gamification!

I do plan to post some new blog posts in coming days that are more interesting & quick to follow & learn.

End of the day, SCN is a great tool for SAP consultants to leverage their existing knowledge & strengths in SAP to help others & also a great tool that can be leveraged to learn new SAP technologies!