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ZMCR - Approve RFC in CREATED User Status

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Hi All,

I am trying to customize a Request for Change document to allow the user to set the Approval Assignment block "approved" activity.

However, I got this error message after selecting "approved" in the approval assignment block. All UI editable settings, authorizations are being configured.

Anyone attempted on this before? could you please kindly share your experience please?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ferris,

I had experience in it and i recommend to not change standard behavior because you need to take care a lot of things...

This assignment block is aligned with RfC status and have own status schema.

Also why you need this? in craeted status RfC should be Validated first. What benefits you will get from this?

Rg Dan

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Hi Daniyar,

Thanks for the reply.

This is a customised RfC process to allow Standard Changes to be implemented. Standard Changes are a list of pre-approved controlled tasks which can be implemented without CAB's approval. And the SAP support team are allowed to raise a RfC to create the necessary Change documents for it.

To simplify the steps, I was trying to configure the CREATED user status to have the RfC document jump straight to APPROVED user status, then to BEING IMPLEMENTED so that the Change document ID can be generated by the system.

Could you please share any tips on your experience to get this done?



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Hi Ferris

Just a create a new action in your custom action profile and set the target status as To Be Approved

schedule this action on status CREATED

thus on RfC created status this action will appear and upon choosing this it will navigate you to To Be approved status.

Make sure you have defined the no. ranges for status in status schema properly

that's it rest is same.

Hope this helps.



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