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Zero sessions in the CMC

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I woukld lik to see the active sessions in the CMC.

Our hosting partner does manage the admistator functions.

I am a member of the "supuser-group".

The "superuser-group" is a SUB-group of the administrators. My question :

In order to see the sessions, is it enough to be a member of a SUB-group of th Administrators-group ??</u>

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Hi Tjerk,

It depends on the security model that has been implemented.

If your sub group is inheriting the appropriate rights from the Administrators group then yes, you would have the appropriate permissions to see the CMC Sessions.

You may need to ask the Administrator to compare your Sub Group rights with the Administrator group rights to see whether

you have the necessary access. If the Sub Group rights are not enough your user can be specifically granted the appropriate right to break the inheritance.

I hope this is a very helpful answer to you.

Kind regards,