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zero client installation (ZCI Layout)

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hi ,

What is zero client installation layout.. i referred some docs but i couldnt understand.. what is the use..

can anyone help me out for this..


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Answers (4)

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Please see OSS note 953982 for a more detailed explanation regarding ZCI and HCM Processes & Forms.

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Hi Vel,

You want to use ZCI (Zero Client Install) style interactive forms in your Web Dynpro for Java application. 
As the name suggests, such a form would enable your interactive form based application to run in a platform and 
browser independent manner, unlike its predecessor ACF (Active Component Framework) which is platform and 
browser dependent.

Refer this Note Note 1055911 - Creating ZCI based interactive Forms in Web Dynpro for Java


Chandran S

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Zero Client Installation (ZCI) and Active Component Framework (ACF)

Interactive forms in the ISR framework are part of ZCI. They can be used as of SAP NetWeaver SPS 10 at runtime in Web Dynpro for ABAP based on Zero Client Installation (ZCI). To enable this, the forms must contain special scripting, which you insert when you create new forms in Form Builder.

Until now, you needed to install Active Component Framework (ACF) on the front-end PC to use interactive forms. As of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS10, ZCI enables you to use interactive forms in Adobe Reader without any additional plug-ins. ACF is therefore no longer required for interactive forms. You can use a report to make any interactive forms created with an older version of SAP NetWeaver ZCI-compliant.

For futher help follow [SAP Help|]

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it is a layout type of WD app. with integrated Adobe form where nothing has to be installed or configured. ACF (the second option) works if certain configuration has been done, like the user allowed active X controls in the browser and stuff. The purpose is not to have to install/ configure any crazy stuff in a company where there are many users.

Regards Otto