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Your experiences with APQC PCF

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Hi all,

Do you use the APQC PCF - What are your experiences? How exactly do you use this framework?

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Yes. We use APQC with Signavio. The following worked for us

1) We imported the entire APQC list into the Dictionary

2) We created a top level folder structure the matches the 13 APQC categories

3) We then created an APQC attribute at the diagram level so each process can be tagged

4) The name of each process is also prepended with the selected APQC number and placed the appropriate folder

5) The Initial matching of each process with APQC is manual and is based on what we are designing and the APQC description. (This takes about 5 minutes)

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Hi John, thanks for this explenation, I have a specific interest to understand what/how Signavio will accomodate further integration with APQC. As you indicated you have created an APQC attribute yourself, I would have expected that Signavio would make an attribute available so integration and future functionalities are thought off: example: APQC unique process id # would link to relevant content in the APQC platform including benchmark/KPIs. Does anyone from Signavio can share plans for further integration? to avoid duplicate effort?