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You may not define versions for the error stack; empty it first

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Hi Experts,

I have an additional field added to my Datasource and hence the PSA structure has changed, I also enabled Error Stack too and so the PSA structure matches the Error Stack table. When I transport the changes to my test system which has data in the Error stack, I get an error "You may not define versions for the error stack; empty it first", I emptied and re-imported the transport and everything reflected fine.

However I need to move the transport to my Prod environment but I cant delete the data in the Error Stack, so please give me an alternative so that the data in the error stack is preserved and still be able to import the transport.

Thanks in Advance,


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Hi folks,

Interestingly, I moved my transports having the modified Datasource, Transformation and DTP to my Prod system didnt give such error and the data on the Error stack in my Prod system was also intact.

However I had the errors as reported in multiple QA systems, which made me post the question across. As an alternative, I took a dump of the Error stack table and I was going to delete the Error stack via SE14 and prepare a load ready file manually and load into PSA and then again run DTP to get data into Error stack again. This alternative was tested in my QA system but I didnt need to do any such thing for my Prod system.

Since this is a File system based data source, I didnt try the replication as mentioned by another expert.

Thanks again,


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at Prod, how many times in day your data load will triggered? based on that you can plan your transports.

Lets take example: your load will run 8hrs once. like 8AM, 4PM, 12AM.

Whole data flow wil take time 2hours to finish your load.

so 8AM load will finish at 10AM. later you can check your error stack, if have data then rectify the data and move data to up wards.

you may do the correction  in 30 minutes to 1hr. So you have 5 more hours to run next load.

in that gap you can move your transports. it will go without any issue.

above suggestion is for only to handle error stock.

Seems like you done data source enhancement.

in such case, first

1, Load all delta data to bw side, trigger delta info pack twice and keep 0 count at ecc side SMQ1/SM13/LBWQ/RSA7. if error stack have any data, correct it and move the data to upwards.

if your data source is LO data source then  better to lock source system with help of client approval and move your transports. Before transports all Queues(point 1) need to be 0 count. Other wise you may loose those data or next delta will failed/transports will be fail due to structural changes

You can try to do the transports where there is no business. better to do this transports on weekends.


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You please replicate the data source again, and then move the TR. It will move fine.



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No Venkat, it is not possible.

As a first step do you know why data went to error stack in Prod ? is it due to some junk chracters. If so, we need to clean the Junk characters. Since if you leave, error stack for long time for sure it will impact your reporting.  Hence Update the records in Error stack and Run Error-DTP will ensure your transaction data in Synce.

Let us know how it goes.