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You are not one of the recievers error from SAP_WAPI_SET_WORKITEM_COMPLETD

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I am encountering thi serror when the user tries to complete the workitem from portal from his decision to approve or reject .

When he tries taking an action he gets this message You are not one of the recievers

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Answers (2)

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Hi ,

It seems like workflow task agent assignment error, please check your agent assignment maintenance .

1. general task - every level employee can process the workitem

2. general forwarding allowed - om level employee's can process the workitem and foreword allowed

3. general forwarding not allow - om level employee's only can process the workitem

4. forward not allowed - responsible person is should do the workitem execution om level

please check your maintenance.

Hope this helps,


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Is the task set as general? (=Is the user one of the possible agents). Check this from PFTC.

Can the user complete the work item from backend?

If you are completing a decision step, you might want to use a SAP_WAPIDECISION function.