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xsd with reference schemas to import elements from reference schema to xsd

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Hi ,

We are going to extract the data from the xbrl files. Client using one excel template to generate the xbrl files.  While generating from the excel sheet it is generating 1 xsd file and multiple xml files.

XSD file having multiple name spaces by referencing the multiple xsd files from resource library.

If we create the xsd file format with generated xsd file in the SAP Data Services, under the name space section it is giving the multiple name spaces available in the xsd.

If we select any name space, it will list out all the elements in the namespace and we have to choose the root element based on our input xml file.

If we come to xml file, it has elements of multiple name spaces

The data xml file having xbrl root element.    But while generating the xbrl file data elements may scatter to different schemas which are referenced by main xsd. 

I can choose only one namespace at a time from the data services xsd format. It is listing only elements from that schema but it not showing the elements from the referenced schemas.


Since xml file has only one root element, if we choose different name space from xsd that root element won’t be available. If we choose the name space which contains root element, remaining elements which contains data are not available as those are coming from different schema.


Xml file has root element “xbrl” that is coming from main xsd file with name space of    . Actual my data elements are TypeOfIndustry, DocumentCurrentPeriodEndDate etc. from the schema "sca-rep/sca-rep_2011-03-31.xsd” with name space of .   When I am selecting the  name space in the SAP Data Services  xsd schema  it is not importing elements from the referenced schemas . So I am not getting root element and SAP Data Services throwing the error as root element is not available in the selected name space(schema) and could not import the elements from the reference schemas .

Is data services supports xsd with reference schema to import elements from reference schema to main schema?

Thanks & Regards,


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Hello Ramana,

have you figured out a way to solve this issue? I would be very interested in getting some ideas...

Thanks & best regards,


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Hi Alexander,

I have raised the incident to SAP also but there is no proper response. They have shared below below links.

1) How to refer multiple xsd's in a single xsd and finally import it in


2) XSD with multiple import/includes

3) How to handle External Def (XSD) with more than 20 xsd references

4) wsdl file with import

In addition there's chapter 2.10 of the Designer Guide on Nested Data.

These are helpless and irrelevant to my problem.

Still this problem is not resolved.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Venkata,

Have you resolved this issue ? I am also facing same issue while working with XBRL file .