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XSA ODATA V4 POST Error - {code: "400" Deserialization Error: Unexpected end of JSON input."}

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I am trying POST or PUT via ODATA V4 but keep getting the following error through UI :

{code: "400", message: "Deserialization Error: Unexpected end of JSON input."}.

Using XSA 2.0 SPS05, Backend is NODE (Project Template - SAP Cloud Platform Bus. Application).

I have trimmed down the JSON in POSTMAN but keep getting response "Bad Request".

Any help would be appreciated!!

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When we faced the same issue, we had to annotate the service the action is included in with: @protocol:'rest'

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changinf the protocol to rest is not a solution . What if you need OData ( to use in a UI5 app ) - then rest protocol will stop you from using it . Check my suggestion below..