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xp_cmdshell IQ 16 - Not working

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I am running a xp_cmdshell to cat a HDFC file into a FIFO pipe in IQ - but the command keeps running for ever and I don't see any  process in the linux side and nothing on the iqmsg.

Other way I tried was to create an event and trigger than event as presented out in the below link

But in this case it runs and returns with zero rows as the FIFO created does not contain any record.

it looks like xp_cmdshell is not going through

Any idea whats happening?



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Answers (1)

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Hello,  what is the size of the memory footprint of your IQ server (all the caches will do) ,  the RAM on the box,  the amount of free memory left on the box once IQ and all your other processes are up and running, and the size of your OS swap space ?