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XML Forms editing/showing with 2 different edit/show forms

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does anybody know how to set xml forms to achieve the possibility to edit one created news with 2 different forms, based for example on the layout set used?

any hint would be appreciated.



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Hi Marco,

If I understood your problem you need that a xml file to be read by another form.

There is a property called: resouce type (metadata, belong to system).

When you save your xml file (from form) this property is setted by the system. Using this value the system knows how to open this file.

If you need to pass this information (xml file)among differents forms, in your forms you can add a combo box in which you set up this property. When you change this value of this property (name of resource type the other form)you carry out that this xml file to be read for other form.

The truth is different forms, use differents resource type, therefore these forms can not,simultaneously,read the same xml file.

Also, if you create your own layout set, within collection renederer you can filter by resource type.


ps: all forms must use the same schema data.