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XML Form Links

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I recently created an XML form within the XML Builder. Using a KM navigation iView I am referencing this form along with the required KM folder structure. My issue is that the links along the top and underneath my tabs (I updated the renderlist) do not reflect the form I created. I only see links to the SAP delivered forms. Where does the iView look to get this data and how can I change it? I only want to display a single link to my form and none of the others. I've taken a screen print of my iView and you can view it [here|]. I've highlighted the objects I wish to remove. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Michael,

In CM Configuration navigate to Form-Based Publishing -> Forms Availability -> Folder Settings. Create a new entry with the path where your forms items are stored and the name of the XML Forms Project as Forms to Include.

Best regards,

Alexander Zhukau