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XML file, with multiple customer records -> post DEBMAS over Integr.Process

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Hi all,

is it possible to map a single XML file message that contains multiple records for customer master to multiple messages ?

I know that it is possible to do a "multi IDOC " mapping but then the splitting of the messages is done by the IDOC adapter, not earlier.

I have to process every single customer master record by an integration process to check if its creation or change (and get the customer number).

When I try in the interface mapping to set the receiver to "0 to unbound" then also the message format of the sender requires two additional hierarchie levels "...message, message1" . My orginal file does not contain these tags.

Is XI not able to handle this easy requirement without making a university study out of it?

Thank you very much for your help

best regards


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Answers (3)

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workaround: create single messages and post them to IP.

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You need not worry about those tags to be in your file. Those are added while mapping is being executed. All that you need to do is use file content conversion in sender adapter and put your lookup logic in Integration Process and mapping..!!

You do not need a university degree, if you understadn the concepts..!!


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Hi VJ,

the source file is already in XML format. its not a flat file. I used content conversion until now only for flat files, not for XML files.

>> All that you need to do is use file content conversion in sender adapter ...

What do you mean?

Thanks in advance.


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Have you changed the occurence of target structure as o to unbounded and try to have correlation based of customer number in integration process.



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Hi Chandra,

my input is an XML file that contains multiple customer masters records. When I set the the target to "0 .. unbound" then also the source file format XI expects is changed(enhanced).

Or am I doing wrong?

Thanks and regards