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XLSX external library working fine in BAS but not working in Fiori Launchpad

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I am using xlsx.full.min.js file in a File upload project. The xlsx.full.min.js is included in a folder under webapp and referencing it correctly.


When I run the file locally in SAP BAS it's working fine. But when I deployed and ran from Fiori Launchpad it's throwing error as is not a function.


I tried  /* global XLSX:true */ at the top of the controller. But the issue still occurs.


Could you please suggest how do I resolve this issue.
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I'd suggest not to use a relative path, but the full namespace instead. The file path is rendered differently, check out the network tab for the 404 not found lib file how it is being rendered.


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Hi Noel, I have changed to full namespace but still it's not working. I checked Network tab but there the file is not visible at all. Not sure whether it's loading at all. I tried using sap.ui.loader.config. But still it's not working. Is there any other procedure I have to follow? In QA system it's working well. Do I need update anything like tooling modules or install xlsx through BAS commands?