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XI3.0: SOAP-Adapter Exception

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Hi All,

I'm trying to send a message to a web service via the SOAP adapter.

Unfortunately the SOAP adapter throws the following exception:


SOAP: error occured: Failed to call the endpoint: HTTP 0 null [null "null"]; nested exception caused by: Connection timed out:could be due to invalid address


It seems to be that the configured URL does not reach the SOAP adapter.

We use the central J2EE Adapter Engine.

Any hints?

How do I sitch on detailed tracing or logging for the SOAP Adapter? The Audit Log does not contain very much information.

I hope anybody is able to help.



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Hi Marc,

we've got the same problem.

Did you find any solution in the meantime?

We are still investigating the problem. Let's get in touch to find oout the solution.


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Hi Alessandro,

we solved the problem.

The problem was caused by a firewall. The used port was blocked there. We just reconfigured the firewall and all went fine.

In the meantime I learned somthing about the error message.

"Failed to call the endpoint: HTTP 0 null"

This means that the adapter called the configured endpoint. The "HTTP 0 null" is the result code and error text of the http call. So it returned with error code "0" and it has no associated error text "null".

Another hint that may help you is the OSS note 761921. This note describes how to get an adapter trace.

Hope this reply helps.