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XI2.0 SLD, Integration Directory & Integration Repository objects transport

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Hello friends

Can anyone tell me is there some way to transport SLD, Integration Directory & Integration Repository contents from development XI to QA & PRD XI. We are using XI2.0

I think, for Integration Repository there's a export & import mechanism available. Is such mechanism available for SLD & Integration Directory, if so can anyone help me in this.



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Answers (2)

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Yes, there are ways to transport in all 3. In XI 2.0, there are manual steps involved, so there is some responsibility on your part to ensure the integrity of the process.

Keep in mind that SAP recommends running all of your XI environments against a single production SLD instance. (A recommendation that I have followed in the past, but I mildly disagree with.)

To make the best use of XI's transport mechanism, you have to have the relevant systems configured correctly in the SLD (sender system, receiver system, and Integration Engine). You also have to have the transport groups and transport paths defined correctly in the SLD. I have not seen any readily-available documentation on how to do this. I recommend you seek out an expert to help, if you intend this to run in production.

Integration Repository

Transports from the Integration Repository, are done by exporting namespaces in a Software Component Version, or by exporting the entire Software Component Version. Right click on the namespace or SCV to see the export option. The export is a *.tpt file, written to .../global/xi/repository_server/export

FTP the file to the target XI system's .../global/xi/repository_server/import directory. Don't forget to use FTP in binary mode! Then log in to the target repository -- one of the submenus at the top has an option to "Import XI 2.0 development objects". For imported SAP interfaces, you have to import the "CLASSIC" .tpt file first, before the other SAP .tpt file. Order is not important for all other objects. If you are importing over the top of existing objects, you will be asked whether you want to "resolve collisions". The English version of this should really say "Do you want to overwrite existing objects?"

Imports in the repository are activated automatically.

Integration Directory

The same approach holds for the ID. You select and right-click on each business scenario individually to see the export options. The easy way is to export "with interface determination". This exports the scenario as a .tpt file to .../global/xi/directory_server/export. FTP to the corresponding .../directory_server/import directory on the target system. Then on the target system, select Object...Import XI 2.0 Configuration Objects from the menus at the top.

End points and logon data are not transportable, since they're system-dependent. To add them, open the imported business scenario, expand the list of system pairings, and right-click on the end point and logon data items that are in red.

Lastly, activate all the imported objects, logon data objects, and objects.

If you have configured the SLD correctly, the ID will already know what systems the imported scenario will need to point to in the new instance, so you won't have to change the business system configuration -- you only have to add the endpoints and logon data.


'Transports' of the SLD configuration is not for the faint of heart. You should not do it for real until you've practiced it and understand what the impact is. There is no way to transport individual objects -- you're essentially copying the entire landscape model.

That being said, the SLD Administration page offers the export/import options for the SLD.

Hope this helps!

--Dan King


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Well thanks alot guys, this will be of real help to me. I've done export/import of Integration repository but never of Directory & SLD. Let me try, and I hope I dont face any problem as you guys have given enough explanation for the same.

Thanks once again.


Vishal Gupta

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Hi Vishal,

have you tried the directorySLD import/export and SLD trasports? If Yes, could you please share your experiences with us. Thanks!



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Hi Vishal,

there is definetly a way to export/import directory and SLD (CIM content) between different machines.

For the integration directory you have options to export / import 'Business Scenarios' (XI2.0) with or without Interface determinations. Its also possible over the context menu.

For SLD you can export the CIM content with instances (if you like ) and import them into other machines. In SLD you go Administration > import / export CIM models and data.

all these are pretty well documented and possibly help you more.