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XI versus R3 workflow

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I need to create a new Object in R/3 system (4.6C)that represents items that are being approved via a workflow cycle and then influence our SD data.

What is the recommended workflow to use in these cases ? XI or R3 ? is the XI workflow applicable for this scenario ?

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Answers (2)

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Is your workflow limited to one application system ?What are the chances that this work flow might span across disparate systems?If the work flow is within single application R/3 system then I donot see any point going for XI.I hope my debate is valid..:)

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Hi Carmit,

For the process automation SAP's BPM(Business Process Management) is having 3 components

1. SAP Business Workflow

2. ccBPM Cross Component BPM (Part of XI)

3. AdHoc Workflow (Part of EP)

Now the question is to use ccBPM or Business Workflow ?

Based on your requirement you can choose your option.

If you want to co-ordinate your activity across multiple

platform and application, you can go for XI ccBPM.

and you can generate it in BPEL and use it wherever required.

And if you dont want it in multiple applications, SAP Business Workflow will do the job.

Please see link for difference between BPM and Workflow.

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I disagree that the Ad hoc Workflow of the EP is indicated for use in business processes. The Ad hoc Workflow of the EP consists of: a sequence of tasks, each task is described in a field of the type text, it is not possible to create templates or to integrate with other forms of development. For example as to go off workflow Ad hoc the only way is through the UWL.

My intention is to collaborate with the debate of ideas