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XI Time Frame

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Can anybody please detail me about the time it takes for XI developement box to be ready ( I mean planning, gathering requirements, hardware, Installation everything that needs for real development). Lets say systems landscape is SAP system communicating to 4 others 3rd payty systems outside of company boundary

And once your XI is ready for developemnt what would be the time for developing scenario's? I know its very general question...but if given:simple, medium, difficult and complex scenario's then how much time we need for each kind?

And canbody give me pros and cons of XI when compared to other EAI tools in markert today? (IBM Websphere WBI, Seebeyond/STC, TIBCO, Webmethods, MS Biztalk, BEA Weblogic).

Thank You


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Navin,

I would say it depends on the competency of your basis guy to install the XI box. In my experience if you are doing it for the first time you may take installation time of around 4 to 5 hours which includes installing ABAP stack which consumes lesser time than the JAVA stack which is relatively higher than the ABAP stack. Also installation of CCMS would consume the same amount of time as JAVA stack. Also you have to do a client copy from 000 to 100 ,200 .

After installation you have some three to 5 hours of post installation steps like SLD check and other things . So altogether you may take one full business day for successfully installing your XI box.

Developing scenarios depends primaririly on two factors:

The complexity of your scenario and The next one is the proficiency of the developer. So it is difficult to quantify the effort here.

Regarding the differences between the middlewares I don't have that much proficiency to comment.

Hope you got some idea out of this reply.

Kindly award points if you are ok with the reply.

Thanks and Regards


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These are the following benefits of XI.

Develop and maintain interfaces using a standard tool

Centralize interface and mapping data to reuse knowledge for future scenarios

Replace 100’s to 1000’s lines of customer code for splitting and routing messages

Remove tight coupling of systems

Change business processes flexibly and with high productivity

Enable integration from SAP to non-SAP systems via standard means

Use SAP XI to develop new SAP applications

Use ccBPM to intelligently orchestrate message flows among integrated systems

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Naveen,

It depends on your Interfaces. You need atleast 3-4 days for Technical Specification development and design after your XI box is ready. For implementation also you need same time assuming its medium in complexity and volume.

I am not sure how other EAI tools work, but XI has built in content which eases your SAP integration. Its more robust according to SAP. They have built in adapters also(11). If you are able to do two scenarions, rest of them doesnt take much time.

Hope it helps you a little bit.