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XI system error

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I finished <XI 3.0 Demo examples configuration>, it works,

But there is an error when I click 'check availability' button. The error is below:

Unable to check flight availability

Error type: XI system error

Error Details: HTTP response contains status code 500 with the description

Internal Server Error

give me some suggestions.


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Answers (3)

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Hi Xiang

I trying hard to get your problem solved , i came with something please try it out and see whether it works friend.

Check if all clients except Integration server are set as application servers:

concentrate on the following points


b) Integration Server configuration

c) set the "Role of Business System" as LOC "Application system"

See what happens and tell me till then i will continue looking ..

God bless


Joel Anthony Trinidade

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Hi Xiang,

Seriously i am quite bugged by this problem quite often and to tell u the only solution that i have found is to look into sap notes 804124, 807000 or the other method is to inform your sap basis adminstrator. He checks whether any service users are locked or not and refreshes the system cache and it helps.

Thanks and God bless

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Joel Anthony Trinidade

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For this Error: <b>500 Internal Server Errors</b>

You have to look into SAP Notes – 804124, 807000



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