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XI message flow

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I am doing a Jdbc to an R/3 scenario. What is the basic message flow in XI? Does it flow from receiver determination and trickle down? When would be the sender adapter be engaged? I am looking into finer details because at times my DB could give me large messages?


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Hi Antonio,

This might help you

Based on the requirement get the data as per the Idoc. and you can create the number of fields in the DB so that you can avoind a long string.

Thanks & Regards,

Agasthuri Doss

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XI pipleine steps are-

Sender Agreement->Reciever Determination->Interface Determination->Interface Mapping->Reciever Agreement.

In your scenario JDBC ->XI->R/3-

In simpler way~

1) Sender JDBC adapter will poll the database table and pull the data into XI . This is carried out by Adapter Engine

Once it reached XI, it will in XI Message pipeline in the integration engine.

2) Reciever Determination is executed - to look into who is the reciever

3) Then Interface determination- Sender Interface and Reciever Interface Mapping

4) reciever Agreement- with either Idoc adapter or RFC adapter or proxy structure.//

Hope this helps,