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XI Installation Step-by-step procedure

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Hello XI Guru's,

Can anybody share their SAP XI 3.0 SR1 installation procedure. I am intersted to know what are the DVD/CDs required on a windows environment and step-step procedure.

Thanks in Advance..


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Hi Laxman,

Follow these steps while installing XI:

1. Windows server or advanced server with latest service patch.

2. IE 6.0 with latest service patch

3. Install Microsoft office and winzip, acrobat

4. Install JDK with version 1.4.2_03 or above with the corresponding JVM

5. Install the SAP GUI 6.20

6. Make sure that you have hard disk space of 10 GB in C drive and 50 GB in the installation drive.

7. Make sure the virtual memory is between 512 and 1594 or above for the installation drive.

8. Copy the dumps of following DVDs into the installation drive.

• Installation Master DVD

• Installation Export

• Additonal Components for SAP BW/SAP XI,SAP MI,SAP KW

• SAP Web As Java

9. Start the installation from the DVD dump Installation Master DVD.

10. When installing the ABAP Database the SID of the oracle default database should be different the ABAP database SID.

U can go through the Installtion Guides for Installing XI from (SR1 installation)

u can also refer to to see the available platform on which XI can be installed. ( Windows/linux/UNIX)

or you can even go through this weblog which clearly talks to you about XI installation

<a href="/people/sap.user72/blog/2005/05/31/my-experience-with-xi-installation-on-fedora-core-3-linux installation</a>

In addition to this installation guide you also need to download the XI configuration guide which is very useful for technical configurations of various adapters and XI system.

At the same place you will also get the XI configuration guide e.g XI30ConfigGuideSPS11.pdf.

U can also download SAP Exchange Infrastructure 3.0 SR1 Installtion Guide from the articles scetion.


If it’s just that you wanted to know more about sap xi....then the information below should definitely help you.

The best way to learn XI would be to make the maximum use of XI from its forums, weblogs, presentations, etc in SDN.

First I thought I will just give u the basic steps involved in doing any scenario in XI. This is very essential for a beginner.

First of all you would need to define your product, software component, business system and configure the technical landscape in the sld.

You then go on to create the objects in the repository, you import your software component here and then begin your design steps. To import your RFCs n Idocs if you require any before proceeding.

Then under the name space which you want, you go on to define your data types, message types and message interfaces.

Then you do your message mappings where you specify your source and target message types and the relation between them, then you do your interface mapping. If you are using a BPM, you do the integration process.

Once you have this done, you will have to move to the directory, here is where you define how you use the objects and how you configure them to work as a scenario.

You assign your business system to the configuration scenario which you have created, and create the communication channels. Then you go on to configure the receiver determination, interface determination, and the sender and receiver agreements. Once you’re done you will have make sure you activate your objects. The exact parameters steps depend on what kind of scenario you are implementing.

You can use sxmb moni or the runtime workbench to monitor the entire scenario which you have done.

Also I would suggest this link on SAP help for any info that you want on XI,

Further, this thread deals with everything that is needed for a starter on XI. Do check them out,

/message/527697#527697 [original link is broken]

And after you are done with the documentation probably you can go through this scenario,

Also check the following threads which might help you a little more,

In simple words regarding learning XI, there is an abundance of information on SDN and…. So I think it will be better for you to search information there rather than me just providing you links….which will just go on and on and on….so I felt it is better for you to go and search so that not only you get information on SAP XI but also explore SDN in its real sense.



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Hi Laxman,

SAP XI 3.0 SR1 installation